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Ode to Cookie

November 14, 2013

A Poem in Celebration of a Very Lovable Beast

Dogdaddy copy

Skull of Steel, tongue of Velvet

Sandpaper paws, razor-sharp claws

And soft silky ears that hear everything.

A wet spotted nose strikes a playful pose

under eyes of blue, near a heart very true.

Spots, patches,colorful splashes 

On wild-and-wooly haunches

Those floppy ears will be perky for years…and then some.

Loves belly rubs, but has an aversion to bath tubs. 

Wherever we go and whatever we do,

Cookie would like to come along, too.

Study buddy, companion, comforter and friend,

You’re one of a kind, Cookie, and that’s…

The End!


Poetry for Pups

November 25, 2012

Good Night Little Wolf

A Poem for Cookie by Sophia

Good night Little Wolf

it is time for you to sleep

Good night Little Wolf

I love you from your 

soft white fur to the 

little toes on your feet

Good night Little Wolf

you are the best

Good night Little Wolf

You’re like a jewel from a treasure chest

Good night little friend

Tomorrow we’ll have adventures ’till the day’s end