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Marching into Spring

February 22, 2013

Cookie here!  Here in Katonah we’re gearing up for yet another wet weekend.  Sophia and I are all ready…


Teen Vogue and Dog Fancy, here we come!  As we finish up February and march into March, I was happy to make a discovery the other morning in our garden.  It was a sure sign that Spring is really coming…


Little Crocus flowers!  Popping up all over the place.  This, combined with the word from the Groundhogs, and the fact that the Sun now rises before my early morning hikes, not during them as before, is proof-positive to this puppy that winter is on the way out.  Snow and ice, it’s been fun playing with you, and l’ll miss you.  But I’m sure looking forward to sniffing some Spring flowers!   Woofs, Cookie



A Valentine from Cookie

February 11, 2013

Cookie Loves You!  Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Puppy Bowl !!!!!

February 5, 2013

Cookie here!  Sure, the Superbowl was ok…but the PUPPY BOWL?  Amazing!!!

Puppy Bowl

Puppy Bowl IX, produced by the good humans at the Animal Planet TV channel, was so good that my family now asks themselves how it is that they had never heard of this amazing event before.  You can’t really blame them, they were extremely cat-oriented until I came along.  Paw-felt thanks, Dear Grandma Carol, for telling my humans about the Puppy Bowl, so they could put the television on for me and I could watch it (see above.)  If you don’t know what Cookie is talking here, do let me explain. Puppy Bowl happens once a year, on a very special day the people call “Super Bowl Sunday.”   A big team of lucky puppies from animal shelters and rescue organizations get to play a game where the goal is to be the pup that brings a toy into the end zone first…and have a lot of fun doing it.  Rounding out this romp were the cutest little hedgehog cheerleaders you’ve ever seen (my Sophia LOVED  them), a tweeting (as in twitter, people) cockatiel bird named Meep, a team of hamsters roving overhead the “stadium” in a blimp, and, most fabulous of all, the Bissel half time kitten show (a disco kitty inferno blazing with cuteness.)  There were lots of Animal Planet’s human stars too from popular shows such as “Pit Boss” and “My Cat from Hell.”  Other adorable touches included “the kiss cam”, the puppy-jacuzzi where the players could rest their tired “dogs”, and the cool camera they placed underneath the drinking bowl.

 This year’s most valuable player was Marta, a little puppy with a lot of moxie.  I personally was rooting for Althea, a cute little Aussie mix with dark features.  But the real winners of this event are all of the puppy players and cute half-time kittens.  All of them are seeking good homes, and they get to have the spotlight shine on them.  The best news of all from the Bowl was from Pedigree dog food.  They announced that as part of the Pedigree Feeding Project, they will be donating their food to animal shelters across America.  You can learn more about this wonderful project, and see profiles of some adorable pups seeking adoptions at:

What?!  You missed Puppy Bowl IX?  Or, you’d like to see MORE of Puppy Bowl IX?  I can fix that!  Visit:

Have fun!  And next year, I’ll be betting on the Aussie.  Woofs, Cookie