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The Best Dog Show on Earth is happening now…Crufts!

March 6, 2013

Cookie here!  Just a year ago, my family discovered the awesome breed, Australian Shepherd, while visiting the Westminster Dog Show in New York.  The rest is history, and now here we are, Dear Reader.  Clearly Dog Shows are important and enjoyable events that can change lives, both Canine and Human.  Today’s post is about one of the biggest and best Dog Shows on Planet Earth.  It’s called Crufts and takes place each year in England and is attended by well over 100,000 humans (not to mention the dogs themselves.)  The show is being held this year between the dates of March 7-10 in Birmingham, England.  Here’s a historic photo from the 1968 Crufts of People with their Bedlingham Terriers….very nice dogs in this pup’s opinion.  


Crufts is named after its founder, Charles Cruft. In 1876 a young Mr. Cruft left college and began working with James Spratt who had set up a new venture in Holborn, London selling ‘dog cakes’.  Soon Mr. Cruft was a travelling salesman for the business, bringing him into contact with large estates and sporting kennels. His travels for the business eventually took him to Paris, France, where he was invited to organize the promotion of the canine section of the Paris Exhibition.  Later back in England, in 1891 that the first Cruft’s show was booked into the Royal Agricultural Hall in Islington.  Except for a few wartime years, it has been held every year since, and continues to grow.

Today Crufts’ mission included promoting dog health, and encouraging the breeding of healthy dogs in turn.  The event also celebrates the unique relationship dogs have with their owners.  Crufts also presents a great opportunity to meet and talk to British Kennel Club Assured Breeders, as well as rescue charities and breed experts about how to obtain, care, and live with a dog responsibly.  The Show also features fantastic shopping and is a great place to get a present for your dog (hint, hint Mommy…)

Hero dogs, police dogs, and rescue dogs are celebrated at this event, and a Humanitarian Action of the Year award is given through the Friends for Life competition.   In 2009, the British public voted Brock, a search and rescue Australian Shepherd dog from Bracknell, Berkshire, Englad, and the Crufts Friends for Life champion, and therefore, Britain’s hero dog.  Through his years of service, Brock has changed or saved countless live through air scenting and trailing work that can detect where a missing person was last located.  What an Awesome Aussie!

You can watch the show on YouTube as well as follow the show on Facebook and Twitter.  History buffs can view catalogues and schedules from the Show that date back to 1886 online at the show’s website.  There is also a Crufts magazine which you can subscribe to.  Highlights include Flyball, the International Agility Competition (which yours truly will be watching, because there HAS to be some Aussies in it!) and Mary Ray’s Heelwork to Music performances are supposed to be excellent, too.

So make yourself  a nice cup of tea, and visit the Cruft Show website,  

And long live the Kings and Queens of Canines! 

Woofs, Cookie


Shelter From The Storm: Cookie’s First Boarding

November 6, 2012

Like many of you Dear Followers, Cookie & Co. were temporarily displaced by super (awful) storm Sandy.  Somehow, we managed to discover an amazing place for dogs in the Providence, Rhode Island area: The Ocean Dog Club.

Due to an extended power outage in Katonah (for some of my neighbors here it’s still going on) our family decided to head up to Rhode Island and stay with our family there.  We had never boarded Cookie before, but having her stay with us in Rhode Island wasn’t practical, and we had trouble finding care for her in our area amid all the storm aftermath.  My wonderful Mother-in-law Carol went online and found the site for Ocean Dog Club.  After a telephone chat with the Owner, Sue, and a visit in person, I knew I had found the perfect place for Cookie to stay while we recovered from Sandy – and for all our future Rhode Island visits.  The Ocean Dog Club is very convenient to downtown Providence and is a beautiful facility featuring Doggie day care, boarding, grooming, and training. When you visit “the club” you’ll feel like you’re at a nursery school as opposed to a kennel.  All areas are large, bright, and cheerfully decorated, with ample space for dogs to stay and play, both indoor and outdoor.  Sue takes great care to evaluate the dogs to make sure they are sociable and healthy – thus helping ensure the well being of your own dog while there.  I found her attitude and instincts towards dogs in general as well as Cookie to be very in sync with mine.  “The Club” was also immaculately clean. On a personal level, I am very grateful to Sue for her flexibility with us in making arrangements for Cookie.  It was very helpful during a difficult time.  So my friends, when in Rhode Island, do check out the Ocean Dog Club – you and your dog are in for a treat. or

The post-Sandy storm update from Cookie of Katonah: we are home with power, but no internet.  So our blogging may be sporadic for a bit.  Unfortunately another storm is heading for our area for tomorrow.  We have our paws crossed it ends up being no big deal.  We hope that you & yours are back on your feet post-Sandy, whether they be 2 or 4, and hope that you stay that way!  Warm & Fuzzies, Diana