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Fall Fun

October 19, 2014

Hi!  It’s me, Cookie!  Fall is here and I’m having fun.  Meeting new friends in town…

Ghost Dog

This is “Skellie”  He’s a little scary looking but don’t let that fool you!  He’s a really good pup.  Then down the street is a feline friend of mine…


…who’s pretty as a picture.  This October the weather has been gorgeous, and I’ve been spending many happy days walking through the woods…


…and howlin’ at the Harvest Moon at night!  


Enjoy October!  Next post: my Halloween costume!  Woofs, Cookie


Helping Our Golden Retriever Friends

March 25, 2014

Cookie here!  I’d like to share this Golden Moment…


…when I made a new friend this morning, during my walk.  What makes this handsome guy so special is that he was connected to his family here in Katonah from a wonderful rescue organization called “GRRI-NJ” – short for Golden Re-Triever Rescue Inc.  They are a committed group of Golden lovers, over 100 strong, who help Goldens in need.  They accept applications for homes for their dogs from residents in New Jersey, Westchester, and Rockland counties.  If you’d like to learn more, visit or call their hotline,  973- 208-7414.  And tell all the Golden lovers in your life about this great group!  Woofs, Cookie

Chowhound (and cat)

February 3, 2014

Cookie here!  Lately there’s been a lot of “brrrrrr” and not enough blogging here in Katonah…sorry for the long break between posts, but Diana says her fingers have just been too frozen.   Believe it or not, yesterday all the snow had melted and then today, another storm.  I find my people are just less playful in this weather.  Hello?  Jolly ball anyone?  Anyone?


All this cold is driving everyone in the house to want to eat things they shouldn’t…


This was Atticus’ pizza…until I found it.  Sorry buddy, I just couldn’t help myself.  But I’m not the only one in this house who’s not eating right…look!


Cat’s in the dog food!  MY dog food!  Ugh…cat germs!!!  It’s those Stella-n-Chewies meat patties – she loves them too.


Luckily I hide my bones deep in the snow, where S’more will never find them…shhh, don’t tell her!


While you’ve got the snow, you might as well play in it.  Look, no leash!  Oh the freedom…


By dinner I’m just starved.  Any pizza left Atticus?  Eating dinner lying down is just the only way for me.


Now I’m ready for bed!  And for sweet dreams of all the goodies I’ll gobble tomorrow…

Woofs, and stay warm!  Cookie

Happy Howls for the New Year

January 3, 2014



With seven inches of snowfall on day 3 – I’m loving this New Year already!   Frost on my face and sunshine on my shoulders, a built-for-snow dog like me couldn’t be happier.  Here’s another reason to howl: the good people at WordPress just shared with us our 2013 Report on our blog’s progress…in 2013 we had over 3,000 views and visitors from 36 countries!  That makes me a proud pup! Thank you, Dear Reader, for being a special part of all this blogging fun!  I look forward to continuing to share my big adventures with you.

Wishing YOU plenty of fun and sun in 2014!  Warm wishes and woofs, Cookie

A Christmas Visit

December 6, 2013

Cookie Here!  ‘Tis the season for family visits.  I was so happy that my canine cousin Annie stopped by the other day.  She is oodles of golden-doodle fun!


Hanging out with Annie is the best.  Especially when we’re by the Christmas tree!



We were so happy we double-hugged Diana.    


Wishing you many warm-and-fuzzy moments this holiday season!  Woofs, Cookie


Thankful For a Community That Loves and Helps Dogs Like Me

November 27, 2013

Cookie here!  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I’m so excited!  Lots of visitors equals lots of attention…not to mention lots of treats!


Even though it’s a holiday, I’ll still need my walks.  One of the many things I’m grateful for is living in a town where the people on the street are so kind to me and all the other dogs here.  From our Letter Carrier who often stops his truck to pass me a bone, to the many folks who stop me for a “pat and chat,” and to the shops on Katonah Avenue who leave out bowls of fresh water for the passing pups, I really do feel the love!

Did you know that the Hudson Valley Pet Pantry is helping individuals and families who need help feeding their pets due to job loss or financial hardship?  Since 2010 they have been helping people facing hard times keep their pets by providing food supplies for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and other domestic animals.  Currently they are helping keep 653 animals at home and out of shelters by providing free pet food to 257 families and individuals.   

So here’s to Susan Katz, Founder & President, Kathy Ferri, Director of Pantry Operations, and all the other good people at the Hudson Valley Pet Pantry.  I am thankful for great people like you!

If you’d like to learn more about how you can help the pantry this holiday season, their contact information is below.

Happy Thanksgiving to You & Yours, furry and otherwise!

Woofs, Cookie

Hudson Valley Pet Food Pantry
P.O. Box 1296
White Plains, NY  10602
(914) 907-3433 (Administration & Donations)


My Study Buddy

October 15, 2013

Cookie here!  

Now that it’s Fall, all of my family is really busy…especially the kids.  I miss our long and lazy summer days together.  Fortunately for me, the kids have something they need to do every day called “homework.”  When it’s homework time, they stop what they are doing and sit down for awhile, very quietly.  And that’s my golden opportunity…


…to get in some snuggles, ear scratches and pats!  I also find that when the kids complain that their homework is “too hard” or “really boring” that my friendly face is a great comfort to them…


encouraging them to do their best, and to finish up, so we can go play!   

Woofs, Cookie

Cookie’s Campfire Song

August 7, 2013

Here’s a little doggy-ditty for your next campfire! 


Oh It’s RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF being a dog, dinner out of a can

Please take me  to a restaurant,  I’ll sit just like a man!

Oh it’s RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF being a dog, can’t even drive a car

Can’t sleep on the bed, don’t like it when you shed, it’s doggone too far!

You mustn’t chase the mailman, you cannot chew the rug,

Whatever you do, don’t let them see those ten-foot holes you dug!

They give you names like “Rover” or “Fido” or “Fiff”

I know those names sound good to you, but they’re embarrassing to me!

You mustn’t chase the mailman, or make the kitties squeak,

They take you for a walk on a leash like maybe once a week!

Oh it’s RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF being a dog, dinner out of a can

Please take me  to a restaurant I’ll sit just like a man!

Oh it’s RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF being a dog, can’t even drive a car

Can’t sleep on the bed, don’t like it when you shed, it’s doggone too far!


We mustn’t forget our puppy pals who fought for four-footed hounds!

Who fought the fights for doggy rights to keep us from the pound!

Like Snoopy, Lassie,  Rin Tin Tin and HUCKLEBERRRRRRY HOOOOOOUUUND……



Oh It’s RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF being a dog, dinner out of a can

Please take me to a restaurant, I’ll sit just like a man!

Oh it’s RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF being a dog can’t even drive a car

Can’t sleep on the bed, don’t like it when you shed, it’s doggone TOOOO FARRRRR!

Thank you Sophia for teaching me this great song!    And wishing YOU starry nights, s’mores, and Happy Trails! Cookie

Cookie Meets a Baby

July 13, 2013

Cookie here!  This is a baby.  Have you ever seen one before?  They’re adorable!


This baby and her Mommy came to my house to play with me the other day.  I never knew people could be so tiny!  Everyone made a big fuss and told me to be “gentle” and “good,” which they always tell me anyway.  Babies come with toys that look a lot like dog toys, and snacks that look like dog treats, none of which I was allowed to have.  All during her visit she kept crawling over to me, which made me feel good.  She could tell how much I like people, especially very little ones.  Even though I couldn’t understand a word the baby said, and she pulled on my jowls and my fur,



I couldn’t help but love her…she’s so sweet!  And the best part of the day was when she looked at me and said “Doggy!”  I don’t know…babies just might be cuter than puppies!    Woofs, Cookie

You are my Sunshine

June 23, 2013

Cookie here!  Once upon a time, not so long ago, I went to doggy day care at Wipe Your Paws, and I met a Puppy Prince.  His name is Sunshine.  Aww, look at little us!  Weren’t we cute?!


We started playing right away…and we’ve never stopped.  He is such a fun guy, and very handsome, as you can see!  He’s a real gentleman too, as I learned that first day we met.  When we both ran for the water dish at the same time, Sunshine stopped in is tracks and let me drink first.  Talk about charming!


Everyone should have a friend like Sunshine.  I’m sure glad I do!  Special thanks to our friend Christina at Wipe Your Paws for these priceless pictures!  

Woofs, Cookie