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Ode to Sluggo, My Canine Cousin

September 10, 2014

Cookie here!  Long time, no blog, I know!   I’ve missed you, too!!


No, we have not been off sailing around the globe, nor are we tired of blogging in the least.  My Mama, Diana, is in school this year and she’s started a new business so she’s been very busy.  She has promised me though that as of this post, we’re back to blogging.  So more fun soon!  Right now, I want to pay tribute to a very special canine cousin of mine, Mabel Young, A.K.A. “Sluggo.”   


Mabel “Mabeline” Young

Isn’t she lovely?  A queen-sized shih-tzu whom we all affectionately called “The Dowager Empress,” Sluggo was a completely unique and special creature, unlike any dog that I, or my human family, have ever met, and ever will.  


The adorable face and the look we will always remember

Though she was a tiny being in a big world, she was a huge presence and positively regal.  She had the cutest gaited-trot and a fabulous long and silky tail.  If she wanted something, she give a low growl until she got it.

mabel & Kids

As you can see, we all loved and doted on her.   Atticus declared she lived her life “the way of the Slug” and so she did.

Sluggo, Me and Annie last summer - see "I was a good guest" in the archives!

Sluggo, Me and Annie last summer – see “I was a good guest” in the archives!

She loved her ball, her toy birthday cakes, taking long road trips with her Mama Linda and her Daddy Charlie, her labradoodle sister Annie, and her three kitty sisters, Sassy, Bitsey and Bella.  She enjoyed her special visits with Sophia and Atticus.


Annie & Mabel (A.K.A. “Sluggo”)

We are so thankful that we all got to spend special time with Sluggs this summer.   A few days ago, our dear Mabel traveled over the Rainbow Bridge.  We are very sad, and also very grateful, for the wonderful 14 years she was with us here.

canine cousins

Annie, Sluggo and I this summer

Rest in peace Mabel.  You’ll always be a special part of my Pack!

Woofs, Cookie