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Guest Blogger Swallablu

November 29, 2012

Swallablu here!  Chiiiiiirrrrp!  In case you don’t remember me, here’s a picture…


Here I am, with Cookie’s food.  I always see my people feeding her these meat-patty things, and I was curious.  They smelled kind of yucky, and I think I’ll stick to birdseed. I’m very interested in people-food, much better than dog food, and have tried some myself.  I like green beans, broccoli, and bread crumbs.  But my favorite food is called millet.  Many birds like myself enjoy it.  See how yummy it is…


Do you know what’s funny?  Even though millet is bird food, Cookie is always trying to steal mine.  I have this bad habit of dropping it on the floor.  And then she picks it up and scampers away with it.

I love to sing, and I am currently learning “Jingle Bells” right now for the holidays. Once I master that, my people will put a music video of me up.  Until then, don’t forget to fill your bird feeders with lots of seed for all the wild birds out there.  It is the season of giving you know!



(This post was created with help from fellow Guest-bloggers Atticus & Katherine)


Poetry for Pups

November 25, 2012

Good Night Little Wolf

A Poem for Cookie by Sophia

Good night Little Wolf

it is time for you to sleep

Good night Little Wolf

I love you from your 

soft white fur to the 

little toes on your feet

Good night Little Wolf

you are the best

Good night Little Wolf

You’re like a jewel from a treasure chest

Good night little friend

Tomorrow we’ll have adventures ’till the day’s end


Giving thanks for our pets and all that they give us

November 20, 2012

We open today’s post with this snapshot of a rare moment of canine & feline harmony:

Twenty minutes prior to this moment they had been fighting like, well, cats and dogs.  But at the end of the day, Cookie and S’More are fellow pet comrades-in-paws in our home.   They, along with our bird and our fish, contribute enormously not just to the culture of our home life, but also our family’s admiration, empathy, and respect for all animal life on planet Earth.  Living with these four beautiful animals has given us the chance to laugh at their antics, such as when Cookie licks S’More with affection and gusto, and S’More, completely disgusted, takes off.  We’ve marveled at their intelligence and ability, like when Swallablu bird calls for Cookie by name, greets you with a “Hello!” upon first sight in the morning, and sings the most beautiful, melodic songs, like the little Diva she truly is.  We’ve observed their definite likes and dislikes, such as Chip the Fish’s penchant to hide behind plants during the day, and Cookie’s sheer bliss when she gets a tummy-rub or is treated to some peanut butter.  All these small moments not only entertain us, they enrich us.  We know without a doubt that our pets each have unique personalities and souls.  They have likes and dislikes and experience both happiness and sorrow.  When the bird sits on my shoulder as I wash the dishes, when the cat jumps up on the desk and curls up next to me as I work, when the fish observes me from inside the fish tank reading to my children at night, and Cookie lays at my feet as I sit reading the morning paper, the word COMPANION comes to mind.   Finned, furry and feathered, our pets are true friends, unfailingly loving and loyal to us in good times and in bad.   They neither judge nor hold a grudge.  They just LOVE.  And for that simple truth, I give thanks for my beloved pets.


How to lend a paw to help pets post-Sandy…and free FEMA Animal Welfare classes

November 14, 2012

Hello from the Puppy and the Kitty!

As you can see, all is well with Cookie, S’More, and our other beloved pets.  Sadly, this is not the case for many pets along the East Coast who, like their owners, have been uprooted by Sandy.   With so much human suffering going on, and destruction everywhere, it is easy to overlook the distress that animals effected by this storm are experiencing as well.

Some wonderful people are volunteering to help these pets.  In Long Island, New York, at the Mitchel Field Gymnasium, the Nassau County government has teamed up with several animal welfare organizations to run a pet shelter that is currently housing hundreds of cats, dogs, turtles, rabbits, fish and ferrets.  The majority of these pets belong to people who are staying at a nearby Red Cross shelter at the Nassau Community College’s gymnasium.  Of the four Red Cross shelters on Long Island, none of them allow pets.  So the Mitchel Field  pet shelter is so very important at this time.  The shelter plans to remain open through the end of November at least, and longer if necessary.  They are still accepting drop offs.  Want to help? The pet shelter is accepting supply donations of food, treats, cat litter, toys, blankets, towels, poop bags, and cleaning supplies such as paper towels, hand sanitizers and medical gloves.  For more information, call 516-272-0017

For those of you not familiar with the North Shore Animal League of Long Island, they are the World’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization.  On North Shore’s website, there is currently in-depth coverage of the plight of many pets after this storm and the heroic efforts to save and keep them:

Looking at the need for help beyond cats and dogs, in Brooklyn, NY, a couple who reside in the Red Hook neighborhood are seeking safe havens for their pet chickens.  For those who are not aware, keeping chickens has been an increasingly popular hobby in many Brooklyn neighborhoods.  Though their apartment was flooded and most of their possessions lost, their chickens were saved during the storm by owners of a local restaurant.  You can read more about the chickens and their devoted owners by linking to this article:  “A Home for Them, And Their Chickens”

Many of you are generously donating relief supplies such as food, clothing, and pet food as part of the Sandy relief effort.  Please also consider including food and supplies for pets too in your efforts.  If you are unsure who in your area is accepting such donations for pet relief, call your local ASPCA and ask.

Another interesting thing I’ve learned: On the FEMA Emergency Management Institute Website, in the Independent Study Home section, are two online courses you can take regarding preparing to help animals survive and get through disasters.  One is called “Animals in Disasters: Community Planning” and the other is “Animals in Disasters: Awareness and Preparedness” Everything you need to complete the course is provided to you online at this site.  It is really worth checking out if you are a pet owner or animal lover.  You can find these courses at:

We can debate among ourselves whether the needs of man or beast is more important.  But for we pet owners who love our animals whole-heartedly, their well being is a part of our well being.  Let’s make an effort to support those pets and owners who are struggling to get back on their feet, be they two or four.  Warm and fuzzies, Diana


November 12, 2012

Playing is the work of puppies.  Cookie takes her job very seriously.


From the start until the end of Cookie’s day, she seeks someone or something to have fun with.  Inside the house she has a collection of toys including a soft fuzzy ball we can throw without breaking anything (hopefully), a purple wubba, rope toys for tugging and toys that dispense treats when they are rolled over and over.  But Cookie doesn’t limit herself to playing just with those…socks, slippers, tupperware, and just about anything else she gets ahold of that will get one of us up and running after her in Cookie’s mind qualify as toys.  And while we four humans in the family are her preferred playmates, Cookie will happily “play” (or harass really) with S’more Cat if she encounters her.  Outside in the yard, there is an arsenal of dog toys too, but she prefers to chases squirrels, raid the garage and run out with whatever random object she can grab (usually something smelly from the trash), and rummage through the sticks, leaves, acorns and black walnuts that cover the ground these days.  There are soccer balls and squeaky Kong balls, but these are no fun unless one of us is out there to throw them for her.  On her walks, Cookie takes the leash in her mouth and “walks” us, trying hard to get us to run along with her.  She looks for big branches to drag along while she trots. She dives into the leaf and (now) snow piles. But the most fun of all for Cookie is playing with her fellow neighborhood dogs. This morning for example, at our local spot for letting the dogs frolic off-leash, Cookie played with two black labs and a standard poodle. She “herded”, ran, tussled, pounced upon, was pounced upon, chased balls, and tugged on toys and sticks with these dogs for about an hour.  Encounters like this are the best thing for Cookie, satisfying both her needs for dog-company (she really is a social-animal) and exercise.  Cookie’s playful soul can lift my own spirits when I’m in the middle of household tasks that aren’t fun.  For example, often when I’m at the sink washing dishes, I’ll suddenly feel a cold wet nose and plush ball pressing into the back of my leg. Dishes aren’t important to my dog, and in that moment, as I stop my work and reach for the ball, they become much less important to me too.  I think the greater message is that sometimes I just need to stop working so hard and play a little…and that Cookie’s here to help me with that!  Warm and Fuzzies, Diana


Cookie’s First Snowstorm

November 9, 2012

As if Sandy wasn’t enough drama, this Wednesday a snowstorm came to our area…putting seven inches on the ground for us!

Luckily, I had managed to pick up a doggie-puffer parka at Target (which, by the way, I am happy with – it’s their Boots & Barkley brand. Water-resistant, easy to put on, and nicely lines. )I wasn’t sure what Cookie would think about snow.  As you know, she really hates the rain.  But she does love to crunch on ice cubes at home.   Well, we were happy to discover that she LOVES the snow.  This little video captures some of her earliest snow moments.  Since the snowfall has ended she has been having fun discovering all the properties of snow: that it’s soft and fluffy and fun to plow through when it first falls, and then it gets hard and “crunchy” underfoot later.  Just like a kid, she loves to lick and eat the snow as well.  She has extra fun digging up and burying her bones now. She doesn’t seem to mind the cold at all, and if anything has been spending more time outside.   Her paw prints in the snow look like little daisies, and I now have to be careful when I walk her that she doesn’t pull, so I don’t wipe out on the black ice.  Definitely new territory we are (literally) walking into here!

I am still blogging from the road, (today we are at Cosi) as my home internet remains down from Sandy.   Cookie and I thank you for all of your support!  We hope you have recovered from Sandy and will keep the posts coming.  Warm and Fuzzies, Diana

Shelter From The Storm: Cookie’s First Boarding

November 6, 2012

Like many of you Dear Followers, Cookie & Co. were temporarily displaced by super (awful) storm Sandy.  Somehow, we managed to discover an amazing place for dogs in the Providence, Rhode Island area: The Ocean Dog Club.

Due to an extended power outage in Katonah (for some of my neighbors here it’s still going on) our family decided to head up to Rhode Island and stay with our family there.  We had never boarded Cookie before, but having her stay with us in Rhode Island wasn’t practical, and we had trouble finding care for her in our area amid all the storm aftermath.  My wonderful Mother-in-law Carol went online and found the site for Ocean Dog Club.  After a telephone chat with the Owner, Sue, and a visit in person, I knew I had found the perfect place for Cookie to stay while we recovered from Sandy – and for all our future Rhode Island visits.  The Ocean Dog Club is very convenient to downtown Providence and is a beautiful facility featuring Doggie day care, boarding, grooming, and training. When you visit “the club” you’ll feel like you’re at a nursery school as opposed to a kennel.  All areas are large, bright, and cheerfully decorated, with ample space for dogs to stay and play, both indoor and outdoor.  Sue takes great care to evaluate the dogs to make sure they are sociable and healthy – thus helping ensure the well being of your own dog while there.  I found her attitude and instincts towards dogs in general as well as Cookie to be very in sync with mine.  “The Club” was also immaculately clean. On a personal level, I am very grateful to Sue for her flexibility with us in making arrangements for Cookie.  It was very helpful during a difficult time.  So my friends, when in Rhode Island, do check out the Ocean Dog Club – you and your dog are in for a treat. or

The post-Sandy storm update from Cookie of Katonah: we are home with power, but no internet.  So our blogging may be sporadic for a bit.  Unfortunately another storm is heading for our area for tomorrow.  We have our paws crossed it ends up being no big deal.  We hope that you & yours are back on your feet post-Sandy, whether they be 2 or 4, and hope that you stay that way!  Warm & Fuzzies, Diana


Help for you and your pets from the Blogger Response Disaster Network

November 3, 2012

We hope that you and yours are okay post-Sandy!  After the storm was over, Cookie found a very big stick along our front yard.

So big it covered our entire front yard, plus driveway, and took down our phone and power lines. But nonetheless, Cookie “The Great Houndini” had a good Halloween, and we are busy cleaning up the mess.  Since we still don’t have power, we have had to improvise and be creative in caring for Cookie and our other pets.  Looking forward to sharing these experiences in future posts.  But for now, more importantly:

Our last post mentioned that Cookie and I have joined the Blogger Response Disaster Network.   Here is the information I received from Blogpaws and World Vets with some helpful links for those in need of assistance with their pets.  More information will be coming in the days ahead and we will continue to share this with you as it comes in to us.  For now, here is what we have to pass along to you:

With Hurricane Sandy and the pets who need help being such an immediate need we wanted to share a few articles and resources we gathered. Many of these links are updating as information changes so be sure to check back frequently:

Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets

Shelters accommodating pets:

shelters/rescues in need:

Red Paw Emergency Relief Team is on the scene in PA:

Baltimore shelters preparing for cleanup:

If you have personally been affected by this awful storm, we hope you are getting the relief that you need. Please consider reaching out for help also via these links above, or other centers in your community. Remember you are not alone in this! Stay warm and well, Diana & Cookie