Christmas With a Dog Means…

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Christmas with a dog means there will be a few ornaments nosed or tail-wagged off of the tree.

Cookie oval

It means that wedges of cheese and salami will be snatched with glee from party platters, in front of guests who may not want to help themselves anymore after the fact!   It means that there will be less time for long walks due to all of the wrapping that needs to be done.  This of course leads to forlorn looks and pitiful whines while we try to get the wrapping and such done.  And with the door bell ringing all of the time due to all the deliveries and visitors, there is sure to be a lot of excited barking.

But beyond these minor mishaps, what Christmas with a dog really means is the boundless love and warmth that our canine companions provide us, each and every day, holiday or not.


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas full of Fur and Fun!

Cheers!  Diana







15 Moments With Cookie (and S’More) That Made Us Smile

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Happy  2015 to All our Cookie of Katonah Blog Readers!

It’s cold and snowy January, and we all could use some laughs and smiles to get us through these dreary days.  Thank goodness for dogs like Cookie and cats like S’More and all the silly things they do that fill our days with humor.  Here are 15 choice moments from our house that gave us a good chuckle or made us stop and remember why we love our pets so much.  Special thanks to my Photo Editor for this post, Atticus.  Stay warm Everyone!  Diana & Cookie

Moment 1:  “Bo Peep” – Here’s Cookie channeling her inner-shepherd with her Christmas bone.


Moment 2:  “Three Amigos”  – Cookie and her Cousins having summer fun.

Sluggo, Me and Annie last summer - see "I was a good guest" in the archives!

Sluggo, Me and Annie last summer – see “I was a good guest” in the archives!

Moment 3:  Bones & the “Baby”


Moment 4:  Bedtime!


Moment 5:  Grass lover

grass lover

Moment 6:  Dead and Alive!

2dogs-alive and dead

Moment 7:  I love bones!

Ghost Dog

Moment 8: Snow Wolf!

Snow wolf cropped

Moment 9:  Sticks and Leaves


Moment 10:  Waiting for the rain to stop

what do they see

Moment 11: S’More!  Outta my food!


Moment 12: Winter’s Nap

sleeping cookie

Moment 13:  Wolf in the Woods


Moment 14:  Lounge Hound


And, our final Moment, number 15:  A-WOOOOOOOOO to YOU!


Fall Fun

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Hi!  It’s me, Cookie!  Fall is here and I’m having fun.  Meeting new friends in town…

Ghost Dog

This is “Skellie”  He’s a little scary looking but don’t let that fool you!  He’s a really good pup.  Then down the street is a feline friend of mine…


…who’s pretty as a picture.  This October the weather has been gorgeous, and I’ve been spending many happy days walking through the woods…


…and howlin’ at the Harvest Moon at night!  


Enjoy October!  Next post: my Halloween costume!  Woofs, Cookie

Ode to Sluggo, My Canine Cousin

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Cookie here!  Long time, no blog, I know!   I’ve missed you, too!!


No, we have not been off sailing around the globe, nor are we tired of blogging in the least.  My Mama, Diana, is in school this year and she’s started a new business so she’s been very busy.  She has promised me though that as of this post, we’re back to blogging.  So more fun soon!  Right now, I want to pay tribute to a very special canine cousin of mine, Mabel Young, A.K.A. “Sluggo.”   


Mabel “Mabeline” Young

Isn’t she lovely?  A queen-sized shih-tzu whom we all affectionately called “The Dowager Empress,” Sluggo was a completely unique and special creature, unlike any dog that I, or my human family, have ever met, and ever will.  


The adorable face and the look we will always remember

Though she was a tiny being in a big world, she was a huge presence and positively regal.  She had the cutest gaited-trot and a fabulous long and silky tail.  If she wanted something, she give a low growl until she got it.

mabel & Kids

As you can see, we all loved and doted on her.   Atticus declared she lived her life “the way of the Slug” and so she did.

Sluggo, Me and Annie last summer - see "I was a good guest" in the archives!

Sluggo, Me and Annie last summer – see “I was a good guest” in the archives!

She loved her ball, her toy birthday cakes, taking long road trips with her Mama Linda and her Daddy Charlie, her labradoodle sister Annie, and her three kitty sisters, Sassy, Bitsey and Bella.  She enjoyed her special visits with Sophia and Atticus.


Annie & Mabel (A.K.A. “Sluggo”)

We are so thankful that we all got to spend special time with Sluggs this summer.   A few days ago, our dear Mabel traveled over the Rainbow Bridge.  We are very sad, and also very grateful, for the wonderful 14 years she was with us here.

canine cousins

Annie, Sluggo and I this summer

Rest in peace Mabel.  You’ll always be a special part of my Pack!

Woofs, Cookie

Helping Our Golden Retriever Friends

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Cookie here!  I’d like to share this Golden Moment…


…when I made a new friend this morning, during my walk.  What makes this handsome guy so special is that he was connected to his family here in Katonah from a wonderful rescue organization called “GRRI-NJ” – short for Golden Re-Triever Rescue Inc.  They are a committed group of Golden lovers, over 100 strong, who help Goldens in need.  They accept applications for homes for their dogs from residents in New Jersey, Westchester, and Rockland counties.  If you’d like to learn more, visit or call their hotline,  973- 208-7414.  And tell all the Golden lovers in your life about this great group!  Woofs, Cookie

Plenty Warm for Winter Walks, But Protect Those Paw Pads!

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Greetings Readers…I’m temped to rename this blog “Cookie of Klondike” based on the weather here this winter…and yes, it’s snowing again as I write this.  Walking our friend Cookie has been an increasingly bigger challenge lately…


The multiple, uneven layers of snow and ice on the streets of our hilly town have led to us humans walking more like penguins than people on our chilly walks.   Cookie requires a good, 45-minute walk in the early morning, and it takes being bundled up like an Eskimo plus a steaming cup of coffee to sip for me to get through these morning hikes.  But, with her double coat, and the research I’m just about to share with you, I no longer worry about her getting doggie frostbite.   

Our friend Carrol, Mama of Sunshine, Cookie’s Golden Retriever pal, shared some recent information with us that appeared in Time Magazine’s online hub.  In addition to having high amounts of freeze-resistant connective tissue and fat in the pads of their paws, dogs also have an amazingly intricate and effective network of veins and arteries that keep them warm in very cold temperatures.  An extra-fast and efficient circulatory system warms the blood of dogs rapidly, keeping their overall body temperature steady in extreme cold conditions.  Similar circulatory networks have been found in penguins’ extremities, arctic foxes and even dolphins’ fins.  Who knew?  Since reading this, I’ve left Cookie’s parka on the closet hook – no need!

But there remains another walking risk to our dogs in this extreme weather: caustic rock salt, burning the pads of our puppies feet, causing whimpers of pain.  So once again, I am spreading the word about what a great product Musher’s wax is…


Look for it online or at a speciality pet store near you…a waxy barrier that doesn’t have a strong odor, doesn’t get all over your floors, and creates a great barrier between your dog’s foot pads and all the rough stuff on the ground.  Cookie is a devotee!  

So enjoy those winter walks with your dog, but watch your step, both of you!  Warm & fuzzies, Diana  


Chowhound (and cat)

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Cookie here!  Lately there’s been a lot of “brrrrrr” and not enough blogging here in Katonah…sorry for the long break between posts, but Diana says her fingers have just been too frozen.   Believe it or not, yesterday all the snow had melted and then today, another storm.  I find my people are just less playful in this weather.  Hello?  Jolly ball anyone?  Anyone?


All this cold is driving everyone in the house to want to eat things they shouldn’t…


This was Atticus’ pizza…until I found it.  Sorry buddy, I just couldn’t help myself.  But I’m not the only one in this house who’s not eating right…look!


Cat’s in the dog food!  MY dog food!  Ugh…cat germs!!!  It’s those Stella-n-Chewies meat patties – she loves them too.


Luckily I hide my bones deep in the snow, where S’more will never find them…shhh, don’t tell her!


While you’ve got the snow, you might as well play in it.  Look, no leash!  Oh the freedom…


By dinner I’m just starved.  Any pizza left Atticus?  Eating dinner lying down is just the only way for me.


Now I’m ready for bed!  And for sweet dreams of all the goodies I’ll gobble tomorrow…

Woofs, and stay warm!  Cookie

Happy Howls for the New Year

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With seven inches of snowfall on day 3 – I’m loving this New Year already!   Frost on my face and sunshine on my shoulders, a built-for-snow dog like me couldn’t be happier.  Here’s another reason to howl: the good people at WordPress just shared with us our 2013 Report on our blog’s progress…in 2013 we had over 3,000 views and visitors from 36 countries!  That makes me a proud pup! Thank you, Dear Reader, for being a special part of all this blogging fun!  I look forward to continuing to share my big adventures with you.

Wishing YOU plenty of fun and sun in 2014!  Warm wishes and woofs, Cookie

Merry Christmas from Cookie

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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

-Anatole France

Cookie oval

Merry Christmas from Cookie! 


And her mini-me on the tree!


However you spent it, we hope your holiday was a real treat.

Warm & fuzzies, Cookie & Co.

The Night Shift

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Season’s Greetings from chilly Katonah!  Meet our night watch dog, Cookie.  Here she is at her regular post – a large rock in the back yard she loves to hang out by…

night shift

It used to be that Cookie didn’t like to be alone outside – Aussies are devoted to their people and often choose to be by their side whenever possible.  And at night – forget it!  We’d need to accompany her outside into the yard for her “last call” or she just wouldn’t go out. But now that Cookie is almost 2, and it’s wintertime, her favorite season with her double-coat of fur, we’re seeing a lot more independence in our girl.  Case in point, the ongoing “night watch” in our back yard.  Now, when the sun goes down, Cookie begs to go out – and will happily stay outside for hours.  Sometimes she’s nice and quiet, and sometimes, barking at the moon…sorry neighbors!    In any case, it’s a nice development for her.  Could it be she’s keeping an eye out for Santa?  Better be good, Cookie!  And stay warm loyal readers!  Diana