Christmas With a Dog Means…

Christmas with a dog means there will be a few ornaments nosed or tail-wagged off of the tree.

Cookie oval

It means that wedges of cheese and salami will be snatched with glee from party platters, in front of guests who may not want to help themselves anymore after the fact!   It means that there will be less time for long walks due to all of the wrapping that needs to be done.  This of course leads to forlorn looks and pitiful whines while we try to get the wrapping and such done.  And with the door bell ringing all of the time due to all the deliveries and visitors, there is sure to be a lot of excited barking.

But beyond these minor mishaps, what Christmas with a dog really means is the boundless love and warmth that our canine companions provide us, each and every day, holiday or not.


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas full of Fur and Fun!

Cheers!  Diana






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3 Comments on “Christmas With a Dog Means…”

  1. Linda Young Says:

    OMG, Annie Banannie and the Cookie Girl. Wishing you all a Merry Holiday season. Great day at the beach today.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Oh yes! AND if you have a cat? Well, let’s just say that the ornaments dangling low on the tree should not be breakable! It is too much to ask for NO swatting of ornaments.

  3. SunShine Says:

    Cookie!! My true love 🙂
    You are even more gorgeous than I remember ! I was visiting at Wipe Your Paws on 12/8… And hope to be back sometime in January again…
    I am soooo happy for all the warm weather and more time to swim in the ocean…
    Try to stay out of trouble ok?
    Have as much fun as possible!

    Your bf

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