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My Peace Spot

April 23, 2013

Whenever I am all wound up…and need some calming down…which is at least daily,

my family soothes me by laying a gentle palm upon the place on my head where my snout meets my skull – A.K.A. my “peace spot.”

peace spot

And when their hand is resting on that special spot, with the warmth of their hand soothing my busy brain, I close my eyes…(yawn)…and all is well and…


Woofs, Cookie


Boston Marathon Comfort Dogs

April 19, 2013

Hello Friends…It’s been a sad and somber week, and our hearts go out to all affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy.  We at this blog will continue to stand, on two legs and four, for PEACE.     


During these difficult times, our pets can provide us with the unconditional love, comfort, and comic relief that we need to heal.  I was so glad to see in the news that a team of specially trained golden retriever therapy dogs were dispatched to Boston to visit victims in area hospitals.   The dogs are part of the K-9 Comfort Team of the Lutheran Church Charities.  Member dogs hail from several states and travel widely to see those in need across our Country.  Recently members of the K-9 team helped the children of Newtown, CT as they returned to school.  

If you’d like to learn more about these very special dogs visit – you can also read the following recent article from the New York Daily News…which is how we first heard about these canine comforters:

I am constantly amazed by how soothing Cookie’s presence is to us when we are feeling blue.  I hope when she is a little bit older and calmer, that she too can be trained as a therapy dog.  Cookie is so friendly and sweet, especially with kids, and has so much love to give.
Wishing you love, peace and courage, Diana

My New (old) Lupine Pet Leash

April 10, 2013

Cookie here, with a “Dog Dollars” post.  This is my favorite leash – the Woofstock pattern from Lupine Pet…


It’s full of peace and love and rainbows (kind of like me.)  If you also have to wear a leash when you go out, I suggest you pick a Lupine Pet one, for the following reasons:  First, they’re well made here in the USA in the great state of New Hampshire.  They’re light-weight for your Human’s convenience and comfort, and designed with colorful, bright  solids and fun patterns (I also wear Plum Blossom).  Best of all, they offer an excellent guarantee: if damaged – even if chewed – Lupine Pet will replace your leash (or other dog product you’ve purchased.)  This is my third Woofstock leash.  Woofstock #1 lasted awhile, but I chewed through it eventually, and my Humans, unaware of the guarantee, liked the first leash well enough to replace it with Woofstock #2.  When I chewed through Woofstock #2, dog-mama Diana noticed the guarantee and returned the leash to Lupine Pet.  Within a week, Woofstock #3 came in the mail – and we were all very pleased.   

Lupine Pet sponsors and donates to great causes such as Jen’s Friends Cancer Donation, Carolina DockDogs, the Maine Coast Runners Flyball Team, and the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire.  AND they’re also having a cool contest!  The Lupine Pet Spring Cleaning Contest, where one lucky pup will win a prize package of dog products worth over $400.  Visit to enter the contest and view their products.

Good luck and happy shopping!  Woofs, Cookie

‘Leggo my stick!

April 2, 2013

Cookie here!  Spring is finally here, and it’s time for some nice long walks.  This is my friend Layla.  She found this stick when we went walking.  

Of course, I instantly wanted it too.


Sharing is hard sometimes.  Layla suggested I find my own stick.



I held my ground…


…and we worked it out, as friends always do.



Special thanks to our excellent friend Tiff Gravel for documenting this fateful walk!  Woofs, Cookie