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Stormy Weather and The Blogger Disaster Response Network

October 29, 2012

It’s been a very busy day here in Katonah getting ready for Hurricane Sandy.  

Cookie spent the day watching us all “batten down the hatches.”   If you too are also affected by this storm, please take extra caution for yourself, your family and your pets.  May you come through Hurricane Sandy safely!  

Earlier this week, Cookie and I received an invitation from Blogpaws For the Change and World Vets (two wonderful groups, one of pet bloggers and the other a global group of veterinarians) to join a voluntary organization called The Blogger Disaster Response Network. This Network serves to create awareness for animals everywhere when disaster hits.  Harnessing the grass-roots reach of individual pet bloggers (like Cookie of Katonah) will enable the Network to spread the word quickly about global disaster response efforts for animals in need, and how people like you can help.   Cookie and I are glad to be part of this important new network, which is the first of it’s kind.  With Hurricane Sandy almost here, our participation is very timely.  While we hope there will be no need to spread any alerts as a result of this storm, please do check the blog later this week.  And read more about the Network at either the Blogpaws site  (http://  and World Vets site ( http://


Be safe out there!  Check in later this week for the Katonah update.  Warm & Fuzzies, Diana



Loving the Leaves

October 26, 2012

Cookie here!  My first Fall season has been full of lots of fun…

and lots of leaves!

I’ve been loving the cooler days, and all the great sticks I’m finding down on the ground during my walks.  Most of all, I am loving all the leaf piles.  Sure they’re great to jump on, but the real fun is burrowing and tunneling in them.  Here’s a little demonstration:

The leaves just keep on falling around here, and the leaf piles grow bigger by the day, which means more fun for me.  When was the last time YOU jumped in a leaf pile?  Go ahead, play like a puppy!  Woofs, Cookie

Guest Blogger S’More Cat

October 23, 2012

S’More Cat here – you remember me, the ORIGINAL pet around here, before my people went crazy with the fish and the bird and worst of all, puppy.  Yes, sigh, it’s true, Cookie is my sister.  LITTLE sister that is.

In the good old days, it was all about ME, and not “Cookie, Cookie, Cookie” ALL THE TIME!   When Cookie misbehaves (which is all the time) by chasing me, pawing me, barking at me, and worst of all, eating my food (!!!) they pet me and tell me to be patient with Cookie.  And I try.  But then she does something awful again, like sticking her wet nose in my face during a good nap, and I just can’t take it!  So then, I head through my super-cool cat door into the basement, into my favorite part of the house, because there’s NO DOGS ALLOWED.  Of course, Cookie tries to follow me…

But she can’t anymore…she’s grown.  And then I finally have some peace.  

There’s only one time of day Cookie is sort of okay to hang around…bedtime.  When she’s sleepy she doesn’t act like such a crazed wolf. And even I have to admit, she’s cute when she’s asleep. 

So am I for that matter.  Well, this blogging stuff is fun, but there’s mice to catch, so gotta run!  Away from Cookie, that is.   Purrs, S’More Cat


Give a dog a bone!

October 17, 2012

At our house, a good bone is worth its weight in gold…

…because we have a puppy who just loves to chew, gnaw, bite, and chomp.  When she’s resting, she simply needs something in her mouth.  Just like Little Red Riding Hood’s infamous “Grandmother,” our own “Little Wolf” has some lovely sharp pointy teeth…which can find their way around things such as furniture, wooden moldings and cabinets, the piano, and the seat belt buckle in the car (learned all of these facts the hard way BTW)  if we do not provide Cookie with enough of a bone selection to direct her urge to chew on an acceptable place.  And so, over the course of the seven months we have had Cookie, I have bought a LOT of different kinds of bones for her.  I immediately discounted the big baked biscuit-y types of bones – they last for five seconds and then Cookie looks at me with a “what else you got?” expression.  And they’re usually a few dollars each, not a great use of money.  So after much trial and error, I have three types of bones I can strongly recommend to you, each for different reasons:

First, the bully stick.

While these are smelly, and give Cookie bad breath, she LOVES them.  And in those moments when I need to be sure she’ll be content for a bit in the house, or we have a long car ride, or some other circumstance where we just need her to stop acting like a wolf and chill, nothing is as reliable for achieving this as a bully stick.  There are different manufacturers of these, and they do come in a non-smelly formula, but of course, she really doesn’t care for those as much.  They are made from beef by-products.  If you purchase these be sure they are from a quality American manufacturer and are USDA approved – there are a lot of these out on the market, some from countries as far away as China and India – and it can be questionable how safely they have been produced for your dog.  A good size bully stick is not cheap – around $3. is the going rate for an 18″ stick in my area, and they last Cookie 45 minutes at the most.  Dole them out occasionally, and consider them junk food for your dog.  You can read more about these treats at

Second, one of the BIG Nylabones

If you can get your puppy into Nylabones it’s a good thing, as they are synthetic bones, and highly durable.  Cookie was never really into the small ones we gave her as a puppy, but I recently bought her this one, from the Nylabone Big Chews line, and she loves it.  It is large, heavy, a substantial shape, and feels interesting in her mouth.  She loves to carry it and then unexpectedly drop it on the floor with a loud THUD, adding to the fun of the toy.  You can coat Nylabones with peanut butter to give your dog a treat too.  An investment, as a bone like this can cost around $20. but your dog will get a lot of use from it.  Visit

Third and last, for overall fun and good value, we love Red Barn filled bones.  These are white, cut hollow femur bones that are sold filled with a meat mixture.  What’s great about these is that once your dog has eaten all the meat mixture, they continue to enjoy the bone, and you can put in new treats such as peanut butter, trainers, etc. as you want to reward your dog.  This company has good quality controls so you can feel good about the sources of these treats.  Red Barn also sells Bully Sticks too by the way.  Filled bones come in a range of flavors and sizes, and the price ranges accordingly, starting at around the $4. range from what I’ve seen in stores out there.  Check out

Just like we don’t always want the same kind of treats ourselves (potato chips today, cupcake tomorrow) I find Cookie likes to shift between her bones depending on the day.  Having a good supply of a variety of bones in your house helps keep your dog content and out of trouble!  If there are any other bones out there you swear by for your dog, let Cookie know!  Warm and Fuzzies, Diana

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The Puppy and the Pumpkin

October 12, 2012

On an early morning walk this week, Cookie found something growing amid all the leaves

..a pumpkin!  Growing undisturbed in a thicket, amazingly overlooked by our local wildlife.  It was one of our best walk-discoveries ever.  Cookie is truly enjoying her first fall.  She loves to sniff and roll around in the piles of leaves that have accumulated around town.  She seeks out the small branches and sticks that fall from the trees and trots around with them in her mouth.  The squirrels are extra busy right now, and Cookie watches with interest when they scamper by.  We see Deer very often as we walk, and she is always calm and doesn’t bark at them, giving me a chance to enjoy being in their presence.  The cooler air has definitely energized Cookie, putting a spring in her step and livening up our early morning outings.  Warm & Fuzzies, Diana  


Cookie Meets a Pet Psychic

October 10, 2012

You don’t need to be psychic to know that your pets are sensitive beings with thoughts and feelings all of their own.  But have you ever wondered just what exactly those thoughts and feelings were?  

Cookie with Sharon Warner, Pet Psychic

We had an opportunity to find out  while recently attending the Animal Awareness Day Fair in the town of Branford, CT (which by the way is a great New England town – and a really nice place to visit – and definitely dog-friendly.)   It was a lovely event celebrating the pets in our lives, and there were many folks there milling about with their dogs.   Amidst the vendors and participants offering pet goods, information about adoptions and animal rights, and treats for pets and their humans, we met Sharon Warner, an “Animal Communicator and People Psychic.” Our entire family, along with Cookie, had a very enlightening talk with Sharon, during which it should be noted Cookie was unusually calm, and did not bark or pull away from us once, despite the many distractions around her from the fair.  We were happy to hear through Sharon that Cookie is very happy in her life with us, and not surprised to hear that she wants more opportunities to RUN. She enjoys her meals and particularly loves visiting the upstairs of the house and our different bedrooms (which, due to her household manners still lacking, and her habit of stealing things from our rooms, is a treat for her.) We asked her through Sharon why she is always making off with various household items (food, pens, decorations, paper towels, etc.) and the answer was that there are just too many opportunities for mischief for her to resist all of them.  Too true!   Sharon told us that Cookie is very sad when we leave the house and it is quiet and she is by herself.  And we have been noticing lately that separations from us have been harder for Cookie and do cause her distress.  After discussing Cookie with Sharon, we enjoyed getting feedback from her about our other beloved pets, those currently with us and those who have departed this life.  I particularly enjoyed hearing that our late beloved cat Molly, who moved several times with us during her life, has also moved with us to Katonah, and still loves to sleep on my pillow.   All in all, meeting Sharon was certainly a Big Adventure for Cookie and our family.  And I am now an even greater admirer of the wonders of our sweet Cookie’s soul and spirit.  If you want to learn more about Sharon, visit her website:

I must also mention how pleased we were to meet Stella and Sterling during the Fair – an Aussie and Mini-Aussie duo – who were just the cutest.  Sterling had a “marble-eye” – something I’d never seen – that was a swirl of brown and blue iris – very cool!  Warm & Fuzzies, Diana

Cookie’s Book Club: “Henry the Dog with No Tail”

October 3, 2012

Cookie here!  My family loves this wonderful book:

This is a charming tale about one dog’s search for a tail.  Henry, the paw-tagonist, is an Australian Shepherd dog like me.  I can really relate to Henry, because like most Aussies, I also do not have a tail.  The author, Kate Feiffer, has created a story that dog lovers of all ages can love, full of fun twists and a cast of canine characters.  Ms. Feiffer’s father, the noted artist and author Jules Feiffer, is the book’s illustrator.  His marvelous drawings completely capture the spirit, softness and soul of an Australian Shepherd dog.  Looking at these pictures will fill you with the same warm and fuzzy feelings you get from gazing at a real dog.  But don’t take my word for it – check out “Henry the Dog with No Tail” yourself – and enjoy!
P.S.  – I may not have a tail, I still have a great way of expressing my happiness.  I just wiggle my hips really fast, like a salsa dancer!  Gets the people every time.  Special thanks to Kate Feiffer for her support of my blog!