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Happy Easter from Cookie

March 29, 2013

Wishing you a sweet-and-snuggly Holiday!  Easter Bunny, please hide some peanut butter bones for me!  Woofs, Cookie




Sorry I ate your pizza, Atticus…

March 24, 2013

Dear Atticus, 

Sometimes I am very naughty with you and your things.  Thank you for loving me anyway.


The other night, while you were having dinner, I lept up and stole half your pizza, right from your plate.  This was naughty, and I am sorry.  It smelled so good and I couldn’t help myself.  Thank you for loving me anyway.

I am sorry also for all of your clothes I have ripped from my playfully-intended nips.  Thank you for loving me anyway.

Then there was your lime green eyeglass case that I chewed, and your Thanksgiving Turkey decoration you made in art class and really loved.  The things that you touch smell so good I just want to eat them. Thank you for loving me anyway.  

Sometimes my feelings of love for you make me want to jump up and lick your face..and then my scratchy-claws give you a scratch instead, by mistake.  Ouch.  I know that hurts.  Thank you for loving me anyway.

Because I am a dog designed to herd cattle and take their kicks and blows, my skull is VERY hard.  So when I go to lick you and accidentally give you a big KLONK on the head with my head, I know it hurts.  Thank you for loving me anyway.

Your pencils and pens are very delicious.  Please remember to put them away, lest I forget myself.  Ditto for your recorder.

You are my boy and I love you very much.  I’m sorry I’m such a beast sometimes.  Thank you for loving me anyway.


Your contrite canine, Cookie

You’re Innocent When You Dream

March 20, 2013

Last night Sophia did an amazing job on pet-paparazzi duty and captured this sweet scene!  Let me share the entire bedtime story she photographed.  


It all began with S’More Cat helping herself to Cookie’s bed:



Cookie very generously was making do on the floor…


But then she had an idea….


…what if she and S’More SHARED the bed?


S’More wasn’t so sure that this would work…


…but Cookie promised to behave.


And a good night’s sleep was had by all.  Nitey-nite, sweet pets!

I’m an Irish Shepherd Today….

March 17, 2013




St. Patties

Happy Birthday Cookie!

March 14, 2013

Last March, we brought Cookie home with us from the breeder where she was born.  She was just eight weeks old.  That night, after a 3-hour plus drive home with our new “baby,” our dear friend Andy came over and took a picture of us all together to commemorate her first night with us at home.  Can you believe how little she was?  This is the puppy we fell in love with.


My, what a difference a year makes!  The puppy we fell in love with has grown into the dog we all adore.  We asked Andy to come take our picture again.  This is us, today!


We had to celebrate this important milestone, so we had a little party, and Sophia gave her a special treat: a delicious Pawsitively Gourmet chicken liver dog cupcake-shaped cookie – it was beautiful and Cookie LOVED it.  In addition to the treat, Atticus gave Cookie a “birthday present” of a new teddy bear wubba.  Cookie loves those things!  Here she is enjoying both the cookie and the wubba.


Cookie, every day with you is a party, and we love you!  Happy Birthday, “baby-doggy”!


(Side note: I was pleased with the Pawsitively Gourmet cookie purchase and would totally splurge and buy these again – it was really cute to see Cookie lick it all over for a few minutes before gobbling it up – she really knew it was a special treat.  Visit to find them for sale near you.  In case you’re curious about the recipe for a good dog cookie, the ingredients in this chicken liver flavored cookie were whole wheat flour, chicken livers, yogurt coating, carob coating, vegetable oil, corn syrup, eggs, and cornmeal. They also offer Peanut Butter and Wheat-free Sweet Potato cookies, too.)

The Best Dog Show on Earth is happening now…Crufts!

March 6, 2013

Cookie here!  Just a year ago, my family discovered the awesome breed, Australian Shepherd, while visiting the Westminster Dog Show in New York.  The rest is history, and now here we are, Dear Reader.  Clearly Dog Shows are important and enjoyable events that can change lives, both Canine and Human.  Today’s post is about one of the biggest and best Dog Shows on Planet Earth.  It’s called Crufts and takes place each year in England and is attended by well over 100,000 humans (not to mention the dogs themselves.)  The show is being held this year between the dates of March 7-10 in Birmingham, England.  Here’s a historic photo from the 1968 Crufts of People with their Bedlingham Terriers….very nice dogs in this pup’s opinion.  


Crufts is named after its founder, Charles Cruft. In 1876 a young Mr. Cruft left college and began working with James Spratt who had set up a new venture in Holborn, London selling ‘dog cakes’.  Soon Mr. Cruft was a travelling salesman for the business, bringing him into contact with large estates and sporting kennels. His travels for the business eventually took him to Paris, France, where he was invited to organize the promotion of the canine section of the Paris Exhibition.  Later back in England, in 1891 that the first Cruft’s show was booked into the Royal Agricultural Hall in Islington.  Except for a few wartime years, it has been held every year since, and continues to grow.

Today Crufts’ mission included promoting dog health, and encouraging the breeding of healthy dogs in turn.  The event also celebrates the unique relationship dogs have with their owners.  Crufts also presents a great opportunity to meet and talk to British Kennel Club Assured Breeders, as well as rescue charities and breed experts about how to obtain, care, and live with a dog responsibly.  The Show also features fantastic shopping and is a great place to get a present for your dog (hint, hint Mommy…)

Hero dogs, police dogs, and rescue dogs are celebrated at this event, and a Humanitarian Action of the Year award is given through the Friends for Life competition.   In 2009, the British public voted Brock, a search and rescue Australian Shepherd dog from Bracknell, Berkshire, Englad, and the Crufts Friends for Life champion, and therefore, Britain’s hero dog.  Through his years of service, Brock has changed or saved countless live through air scenting and trailing work that can detect where a missing person was last located.  What an Awesome Aussie!

You can watch the show on YouTube as well as follow the show on Facebook and Twitter.  History buffs can view catalogues and schedules from the Show that date back to 1886 online at the show’s website.  There is also a Crufts magazine which you can subscribe to.  Highlights include Flyball, the International Agility Competition (which yours truly will be watching, because there HAS to be some Aussies in it!) and Mary Ray’s Heelwork to Music performances are supposed to be excellent, too.

So make yourself  a nice cup of tea, and visit the Cruft Show website,  

And long live the Kings and Queens of Canines! 

Woofs, Cookie

Stop Working And Play With Me!

March 1, 2013





“You’re really working too hard, Mama.  Why don’t you take a break…how ’bout we go outside?”


“Oh, you can’t take a break now?  Well, what about you, S’More Cat?


“You’re busy too?!  Oh well…”


“…I guess I’ll just watch you work!”

Woofs, Cookie