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Cookie’s “mini-me”

August 15, 2013

Diana here!  Sometimes, during our summer travels, we must to leave our dogs at home.  And we miss them.


Thank goodness for little plush dogs we can pack in our suitcases for those moments we say “It’s good to be on vacation but…sniffle… I wish my dog was here!”  I discovered this adorable “Mini-Cookie” at a toy store in Cape Cod this summer.  It’s made by a company called Douglass ( based in Keene, NH.  I’m happy to tell you that not only do they produce two adorable styles of stuffed-Aussies, they also make plushes of most types of popular doggies, from Dachshunds to Corgis to Cairn Terriers.  And just about every well-known breed in between.  The plushes are expressively designed and detailed and made of soft and cuddly materials, making them not only adorable but high quality.

Plush closeup    

We give them all a big “paws-up.”  Warm & fuzzies, Diana 



Sweet Dreams

June 12, 2013

Cookie Here!  Diana came home from a shopping trip with a present for me…a nice new bed.  I had worn out my old one with all my tossing and turning.


As soon as she put it down on the floor for me, I snuggled right in.  It’s very fancy: made of something people call “ultra-suede” and “memory foam.”  I like the raised sides because I can rest my head on them like a pillow.  It’s manufactured by the American Kennel Club.  Best of all they are sold, among other places, at Christmas Tree Shops – one of Diana’s favorite places to find a bargain – where they are very well priced.  So that means more bones for me!


But first….yawn…it’s time for a nap.  Woofs, Cookie

My New (old) Lupine Pet Leash

April 10, 2013

Cookie here, with a “Dog Dollars” post.  This is my favorite leash – the Woofstock pattern from Lupine Pet…


It’s full of peace and love and rainbows (kind of like me.)  If you also have to wear a leash when you go out, I suggest you pick a Lupine Pet one, for the following reasons:  First, they’re well made here in the USA in the great state of New Hampshire.  They’re light-weight for your Human’s convenience and comfort, and designed with colorful, bright  solids and fun patterns (I also wear Plum Blossom).  Best of all, they offer an excellent guarantee: if damaged – even if chewed – Lupine Pet will replace your leash (or other dog product you’ve purchased.)  This is my third Woofstock leash.  Woofstock #1 lasted awhile, but I chewed through it eventually, and my Humans, unaware of the guarantee, liked the first leash well enough to replace it with Woofstock #2.  When I chewed through Woofstock #2, dog-mama Diana noticed the guarantee and returned the leash to Lupine Pet.  Within a week, Woofstock #3 came in the mail – and we were all very pleased.   

Lupine Pet sponsors and donates to great causes such as Jen’s Friends Cancer Donation, Carolina DockDogs, the Maine Coast Runners Flyball Team, and the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire.  AND they’re also having a cool contest!  The Lupine Pet Spring Cleaning Contest, where one lucky pup will win a prize package of dog products worth over $400.  Visit to enter the contest and view their products.

Good luck and happy shopping!  Woofs, Cookie

Happy Birthday Cookie!

March 14, 2013

Last March, we brought Cookie home with us from the breeder where she was born.  She was just eight weeks old.  That night, after a 3-hour plus drive home with our new “baby,” our dear friend Andy came over and took a picture of us all together to commemorate her first night with us at home.  Can you believe how little she was?  This is the puppy we fell in love with.


My, what a difference a year makes!  The puppy we fell in love with has grown into the dog we all adore.  We asked Andy to come take our picture again.  This is us, today!


We had to celebrate this important milestone, so we had a little party, and Sophia gave her a special treat: a delicious Pawsitively Gourmet chicken liver dog cupcake-shaped cookie – it was beautiful and Cookie LOVED it.  In addition to the treat, Atticus gave Cookie a “birthday present” of a new teddy bear wubba.  Cookie loves those things!  Here she is enjoying both the cookie and the wubba.


Cookie, every day with you is a party, and we love you!  Happy Birthday, “baby-doggy”!


(Side note: I was pleased with the Pawsitively Gourmet cookie purchase and would totally splurge and buy these again – it was really cute to see Cookie lick it all over for a few minutes before gobbling it up – she really knew it was a special treat.  Visit to find them for sale near you.  In case you’re curious about the recipe for a good dog cookie, the ingredients in this chicken liver flavored cookie were whole wheat flour, chicken livers, yogurt coating, carob coating, vegetable oil, corn syrup, eggs, and cornmeal. They also offer Peanut Butter and Wheat-free Sweet Potato cookies, too.)

Sleet, Snow & the Secret for “Paw Protection Par Excellence”

January 30, 2013

Hello from Diana!  This is never my favorite month, but Cookie certainly has been enjoying her first January…

Want me to pull you first?

Want me to pull you first?

Here in Katonah not only has it been quite cold outside, but all of us humans in the family, including myself, have caught colds or been sick this month.  All of our pets have been comforting companions throughout.  Cookie is always one to come lie down nearby when we rest and periodically “check” on us as we do.  I have been woken several times from a deep sleep by her cold nose grazing my cheek.  If laughter is the best medicine, Cookie certainly generates a lot of that on a daily basis.  Plus she doesn’t shy away when you cough or sneeze.

Whether we are sick or not, and no matter how cold it is outside, Cookie still needs her walks, and substantial ones at that. This is when as a dog owner you will yourself to leave your warm house and remind yourself of the commitment you made to your dog when you adopted them (on a much warmer day that seems so long ago.)  And so I bundle up, sometimes wearing two sets of gloves, and head out.  If the temperature is below 20 degrees, I will put Cookie’s puffer-coat on.  But I have learned this is really more for me – she is absolutely fine without it.  The snow and cold don’t phase or tire her out at all.  Being wet from cold winter rain is another story.  So the coat also goes on in that instance, too. 

Given the choice, Cookie always prefers to walk on the snow or on some land as opposed to a sidewalk or  street.  But that’s not always possible, and these days, there’s a lot of rock salt and other snow-metlers on the ground everywhere, and these can hurt the pads of a dog’s feet.  So we were happy when our friend Ray (The Papa of Cookie’s B.F.F. Maggie) told us about this wonderful stuff…


It’s a non-greasy, pleasant smelling salve you can apply to to the pads of your dog’s paws.  It creates a barrier for all the corrosive things on the ground out there that could hurt your dog’s feet.  And somehow, it doesn’t get all over your house and everything in it.  And, it c Cookie’s feet to boot.  Plus if you have horses you can use this for them too (sadly we don’t but someday!) In my area you can find it at Wipe Your Paws in Mount Kisco (the official Doggie Daycare of Cookie of Katonah.) 

When I watch Cookie eat snow, deliberately choose to walk on ice and then skid, and lie and roll around in the cold snow, just it reminds me of something a kid would do.   And just like with my own kids, after I’ve been outside for awhile, I get really cold, and then I need to cajole Cookie to come inside.  At first there is a disappointed whimper from her, but ultimately there is acceptance.  Later, as I sit at my desk working and Cookie lays at my feet, the cold has disappeared, and I feel very warm inside.  Stay warm & well, Diana 

Under the Weather

January 5, 2013

Cookie is looking forward to a great 2013…and not having to wear this cone anymore!


Why the cone you ask?  I shall tell you the story.  For awhile, Cookie has been wearing a head-collar on her walks to discourage pulling.  It was effective, but she never liked it, and often she would flop to the ground at some point in her walks and paw at her face, as if to say “Take this thing off of me!”   Early in December, we switched to a new collar for our walks…and probably just in time, because we noticed there was now a little “hot spot” on Cookie’s snout where the fur was worn off.  We figured that it would just heal on its own.  Well, as the weeks went by, she pawed it and rubbed at it (in her crate at night, when we didn’t see) and now what was just a “little thing” turned into a “thing.”  It didn’t help that during the month amid the Holiday Hupla we kenneled her twice, I’m sure adding to her anxiety and pawing more as a result.  Now, she had developed a much bigger cut, and what was just a little thing was now a “thing.”  Our little pup was looking ruff…I mean, rough. I called Roosevelt Vet in Brewster, NY – the official vet of Cookie of Katonah – and they advised me to put her in a cone, keep the cut clean, and apply some anti-bacterial topical ointment if I could ensure it would not get into her eyes.

So Brian went to the pet store and purchased a medium-sized ProCone Soft Recovery Collar, made of blue canvas with a nice reflective piping on the ends of the cone, with velcro closures and an adjustable collar for a good fit on the dog.  Here it is on our model:


This is a good quality collar – only one problem: after a few days Cookie figured out how to get her back foot around it and onto her snout – thus re-opening the cut again.  So, Brian went back to the pet store and bought size large….now “Cookie Ingalls” (as in Laura, of the “Little House on the Prairie” books) as Sophia has nicknamed her during this ordeal is FINALLY starting to heal-up this cut – and little white hairs are growing in…so hopefully in a week or so she’ll be ready for her close-ups again!   Until then, we’ll have to settle for a long lens:


Hope your New Year is off to a Warm and Fuzzy start!  Diana

Give a dog a bone!

October 17, 2012

At our house, a good bone is worth its weight in gold…

…because we have a puppy who just loves to chew, gnaw, bite, and chomp.  When she’s resting, she simply needs something in her mouth.  Just like Little Red Riding Hood’s infamous “Grandmother,” our own “Little Wolf” has some lovely sharp pointy teeth…which can find their way around things such as furniture, wooden moldings and cabinets, the piano, and the seat belt buckle in the car (learned all of these facts the hard way BTW)  if we do not provide Cookie with enough of a bone selection to direct her urge to chew on an acceptable place.  And so, over the course of the seven months we have had Cookie, I have bought a LOT of different kinds of bones for her.  I immediately discounted the big baked biscuit-y types of bones – they last for five seconds and then Cookie looks at me with a “what else you got?” expression.  And they’re usually a few dollars each, not a great use of money.  So after much trial and error, I have three types of bones I can strongly recommend to you, each for different reasons:

First, the bully stick.

While these are smelly, and give Cookie bad breath, she LOVES them.  And in those moments when I need to be sure she’ll be content for a bit in the house, or we have a long car ride, or some other circumstance where we just need her to stop acting like a wolf and chill, nothing is as reliable for achieving this as a bully stick.  There are different manufacturers of these, and they do come in a non-smelly formula, but of course, she really doesn’t care for those as much.  They are made from beef by-products.  If you purchase these be sure they are from a quality American manufacturer and are USDA approved – there are a lot of these out on the market, some from countries as far away as China and India – and it can be questionable how safely they have been produced for your dog.  A good size bully stick is not cheap – around $3. is the going rate for an 18″ stick in my area, and they last Cookie 45 minutes at the most.  Dole them out occasionally, and consider them junk food for your dog.  You can read more about these treats at

Second, one of the BIG Nylabones

If you can get your puppy into Nylabones it’s a good thing, as they are synthetic bones, and highly durable.  Cookie was never really into the small ones we gave her as a puppy, but I recently bought her this one, from the Nylabone Big Chews line, and she loves it.  It is large, heavy, a substantial shape, and feels interesting in her mouth.  She loves to carry it and then unexpectedly drop it on the floor with a loud THUD, adding to the fun of the toy.  You can coat Nylabones with peanut butter to give your dog a treat too.  An investment, as a bone like this can cost around $20. but your dog will get a lot of use from it.  Visit

Third and last, for overall fun and good value, we love Red Barn filled bones.  These are white, cut hollow femur bones that are sold filled with a meat mixture.  What’s great about these is that once your dog has eaten all the meat mixture, they continue to enjoy the bone, and you can put in new treats such as peanut butter, trainers, etc. as you want to reward your dog.  This company has good quality controls so you can feel good about the sources of these treats.  Red Barn also sells Bully Sticks too by the way.  Filled bones come in a range of flavors and sizes, and the price ranges accordingly, starting at around the $4. range from what I’ve seen in stores out there.  Check out

Just like we don’t always want the same kind of treats ourselves (potato chips today, cupcake tomorrow) I find Cookie likes to shift between her bones depending on the day.  Having a good supply of a variety of bones in your house helps keep your dog content and out of trouble!  If there are any other bones out there you swear by for your dog, let Cookie know!  Warm and Fuzzies, Diana

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