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15 Moments With Cookie (and S’More) That Made Us Smile

January 26, 2015

Happy  2015 to All our Cookie of Katonah Blog Readers!

It’s cold and snowy January, and we all could use some laughs and smiles to get us through these dreary days.  Thank goodness for dogs like Cookie and cats like S’More and all the silly things they do that fill our days with humor.  Here are 15 choice moments from our house that gave us a good chuckle or made us stop and remember why we love our pets so much.  Special thanks to my Photo Editor for this post, Atticus.  Stay warm Everyone!  Diana & Cookie

Moment 1:  “Bo Peep” – Here’s Cookie channeling her inner-shepherd with her Christmas bone.


Moment 2:  “Three Amigos”  – Cookie and her Cousins having summer fun.

Sluggo, Me and Annie last summer - see "I was a good guest" in the archives!

Sluggo, Me and Annie last summer – see “I was a good guest” in the archives!

Moment 3:  Bones & the “Baby”


Moment 4:  Bedtime!


Moment 5:  Grass lover

grass lover

Moment 6:  Dead and Alive!

2dogs-alive and dead

Moment 7:  I love bones!

Ghost Dog

Moment 8: Snow Wolf!

Snow wolf cropped

Moment 9:  Sticks and Leaves


Moment 10:  Waiting for the rain to stop

what do they see

Moment 11: S’More!  Outta my food!


Moment 12: Winter’s Nap

sleeping cookie

Moment 13:  Wolf in the Woods


Moment 14:  Lounge Hound


And, our final Moment, number 15:  A-WOOOOOOOOO to YOU!