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Merry Christmas from Cookie

December 26, 2013

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

-Anatole France

Cookie oval

Merry Christmas from Cookie! 


And her mini-me on the tree!


However you spent it, we hope your holiday was a real treat.

Warm & fuzzies, Cookie & Co.


A Christmas Visit

December 6, 2013

Cookie Here!  ‘Tis the season for family visits.  I was so happy that my canine cousin Annie stopped by the other day.  She is oodles of golden-doodle fun!


Hanging out with Annie is the best.  Especially when we’re by the Christmas tree!



We were so happy we double-hugged Diana.    


Wishing you many warm-and-fuzzy moments this holiday season!  Woofs, Cookie


Thankful For a Community That Loves and Helps Dogs Like Me

November 27, 2013

Cookie here!  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I’m so excited!  Lots of visitors equals lots of attention…not to mention lots of treats!


Even though it’s a holiday, I’ll still need my walks.  One of the many things I’m grateful for is living in a town where the people on the street are so kind to me and all the other dogs here.  From our Letter Carrier who often stops his truck to pass me a bone, to the many folks who stop me for a “pat and chat,” and to the shops on Katonah Avenue who leave out bowls of fresh water for the passing pups, I really do feel the love!

Did you know that the Hudson Valley Pet Pantry is helping individuals and families who need help feeding their pets due to job loss or financial hardship?  Since 2010 they have been helping people facing hard times keep their pets by providing food supplies for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and other domestic animals.  Currently they are helping keep 653 animals at home and out of shelters by providing free pet food to 257 families and individuals.   

So here’s to Susan Katz, Founder & President, Kathy Ferri, Director of Pantry Operations, and all the other good people at the Hudson Valley Pet Pantry.  I am thankful for great people like you!

If you’d like to learn more about how you can help the pantry this holiday season, their contact information is below.

Happy Thanksgiving to You & Yours, furry and otherwise!

Woofs, Cookie

Hudson Valley Pet Food Pantry
P.O. Box 1296
White Plains, NY  10602
(914) 907-3433 (Administration & Donations)


Cookie’s Campfire Song

August 7, 2013

Here’s a little doggy-ditty for your next campfire! 


Oh It’s RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF being a dog, dinner out of a can

Please take me  to a restaurant,  I’ll sit just like a man!

Oh it’s RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF being a dog, can’t even drive a car

Can’t sleep on the bed, don’t like it when you shed, it’s doggone too far!

You mustn’t chase the mailman, you cannot chew the rug,

Whatever you do, don’t let them see those ten-foot holes you dug!

They give you names like “Rover” or “Fido” or “Fiff”

I know those names sound good to you, but they’re embarrassing to me!

You mustn’t chase the mailman, or make the kitties squeak,

They take you for a walk on a leash like maybe once a week!

Oh it’s RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF being a dog, dinner out of a can

Please take me  to a restaurant I’ll sit just like a man!

Oh it’s RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF being a dog, can’t even drive a car

Can’t sleep on the bed, don’t like it when you shed, it’s doggone too far!


We mustn’t forget our puppy pals who fought for four-footed hounds!

Who fought the fights for doggy rights to keep us from the pound!

Like Snoopy, Lassie,  Rin Tin Tin and HUCKLEBERRRRRRY HOOOOOOUUUND……



Oh It’s RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF being a dog, dinner out of a can

Please take me to a restaurant, I’ll sit just like a man!

Oh it’s RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF being a dog can’t even drive a car

Can’t sleep on the bed, don’t like it when you shed, it’s doggone TOOOO FARRRRR!

Thank you Sophia for teaching me this great song!    And wishing YOU starry nights, s’mores, and Happy Trails! Cookie

I’m an Irish Shepherd Today….

March 17, 2013




St. Patties

Happy Birthday Cookie!

March 14, 2013

Last March, we brought Cookie home with us from the breeder where she was born.  She was just eight weeks old.  That night, after a 3-hour plus drive home with our new “baby,” our dear friend Andy came over and took a picture of us all together to commemorate her first night with us at home.  Can you believe how little she was?  This is the puppy we fell in love with.


My, what a difference a year makes!  The puppy we fell in love with has grown into the dog we all adore.  We asked Andy to come take our picture again.  This is us, today!


We had to celebrate this important milestone, so we had a little party, and Sophia gave her a special treat: a delicious Pawsitively Gourmet chicken liver dog cupcake-shaped cookie – it was beautiful and Cookie LOVED it.  In addition to the treat, Atticus gave Cookie a “birthday present” of a new teddy bear wubba.  Cookie loves those things!  Here she is enjoying both the cookie and the wubba.


Cookie, every day with you is a party, and we love you!  Happy Birthday, “baby-doggy”!


(Side note: I was pleased with the Pawsitively Gourmet cookie purchase and would totally splurge and buy these again – it was really cute to see Cookie lick it all over for a few minutes before gobbling it up – she really knew it was a special treat.  Visit to find them for sale near you.  In case you’re curious about the recipe for a good dog cookie, the ingredients in this chicken liver flavored cookie were whole wheat flour, chicken livers, yogurt coating, carob coating, vegetable oil, corn syrup, eggs, and cornmeal. They also offer Peanut Butter and Wheat-free Sweet Potato cookies, too.)

A Valentine from Cookie

February 11, 2013

Cookie Loves You!  Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Puppy Bowl !!!!!

February 5, 2013

Cookie here!  Sure, the Superbowl was ok…but the PUPPY BOWL?  Amazing!!!

Puppy Bowl

Puppy Bowl IX, produced by the good humans at the Animal Planet TV channel, was so good that my family now asks themselves how it is that they had never heard of this amazing event before.  You can’t really blame them, they were extremely cat-oriented until I came along.  Paw-felt thanks, Dear Grandma Carol, for telling my humans about the Puppy Bowl, so they could put the television on for me and I could watch it (see above.)  If you don’t know what Cookie is talking here, do let me explain. Puppy Bowl happens once a year, on a very special day the people call “Super Bowl Sunday.”   A big team of lucky puppies from animal shelters and rescue organizations get to play a game where the goal is to be the pup that brings a toy into the end zone first…and have a lot of fun doing it.  Rounding out this romp were the cutest little hedgehog cheerleaders you’ve ever seen (my Sophia LOVED  them), a tweeting (as in twitter, people) cockatiel bird named Meep, a team of hamsters roving overhead the “stadium” in a blimp, and, most fabulous of all, the Bissel half time kitten show (a disco kitty inferno blazing with cuteness.)  There were lots of Animal Planet’s human stars too from popular shows such as “Pit Boss” and “My Cat from Hell.”  Other adorable touches included “the kiss cam”, the puppy-jacuzzi where the players could rest their tired “dogs”, and the cool camera they placed underneath the drinking bowl.

 This year’s most valuable player was Marta, a little puppy with a lot of moxie.  I personally was rooting for Althea, a cute little Aussie mix with dark features.  But the real winners of this event are all of the puppy players and cute half-time kittens.  All of them are seeking good homes, and they get to have the spotlight shine on them.  The best news of all from the Bowl was from Pedigree dog food.  They announced that as part of the Pedigree Feeding Project, they will be donating their food to animal shelters across America.  You can learn more about this wonderful project, and see profiles of some adorable pups seeking adoptions at:

What?!  You missed Puppy Bowl IX?  Or, you’d like to see MORE of Puppy Bowl IX?  I can fix that!  Visit:

Have fun!  And next year, I’ll be betting on the Aussie.  Woofs, Cookie

Cookie’s (Holiday) Book Club: “Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan! A Love Story”

December 13, 2012

Hello from Cookie!  The Holidays sure have been keeping me busy…


Have you tried these Santa-hats?  Delicious!  And the pine-flavored water they put in the dish under the Christmas tree is a new favorite of mine too.  But enough about holiday treats…let’s talk about a great book featuring dogs that is truly in the spirit of the season.  My Mama Diana recently read an article in the New York Times titled “A Blind Man’s Story, As Seen and Told by Dogs” – here’s the link:

The article told the story of a New York City man named Lloyd Burlingame, who had a career as both Broadway set designer and a chair of the design department of the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University before  he lost his eyesight due to illness.   Initially getting by with just a cane, Lloyd was one day sent into busy traffic by a cruel person.  Traumatized, Lloyd withdrew from going out for months before finding the courage and resources to seek out a guide dog.  He was eventually paired with a Labrador named Hickory from The Seeing Eye Guide-Dog School in Morristown, New Jersey.   After training with Hickory, Mr. Burlingame was once again able to navigate New York City on his own.  He began to write journal entries about his daily adventures in the city with Hickory, and soon had the idea that if he wrote the entries from Hickory’s “first-dog” perspective they would be more enjoyable.   Soon he found many people, friends and strangers alike were following  the chronicles of Hickory and were sharing them on email.  This continued through the eight years of Hickory’s service, and sustained when Mr. Burlinghame’s second guide dog Kemp joined him and started “writing” too.   These wonderful stories were compiled by Mr. Burlinghame to form the book “Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan!  A Love Story” which he self-published this year.  Some standout stories in the book include Hickory’s transition from a pup at the Seeing Eye school to full-blown guide dog; when veteran Opera-attendee Kemp howled along with Diva Renee Fleming at Carnegie Hall, taking walks in the city after Hurricane Floyd, visiting Washington, D.C., and the every day temptations of things like birthday cake, meatballs, and  Thanksgiving turkey (I can identify!).      

“Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan!  A Love Story”  is available both in hardcover and ebook form; we found it for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  As my Mama says, this book is such a genuine account of the nature of human and canine relationships, and just how amazing they can be.  The true tales of Hickory, Kemp, and Lloyd Burlingame will entertain  readers of all ages.   It’s a wonderful book to read with your family during these holidays or any time of year.   I personally loved  all the cute dog pictures of Hickory and Kemp from all their adventures.

I hope you are enjoying this Holiday Season as much as I am enjoying my first one.  More about that soon!  Woofs, Cookie

The Puppy and the Pumpkin

October 12, 2012

On an early morning walk this week, Cookie found something growing amid all the leaves

..a pumpkin!  Growing undisturbed in a thicket, amazingly overlooked by our local wildlife.  It was one of our best walk-discoveries ever.  Cookie is truly enjoying her first fall.  She loves to sniff and roll around in the piles of leaves that have accumulated around town.  She seeks out the small branches and sticks that fall from the trees and trots around with them in her mouth.  The squirrels are extra busy right now, and Cookie watches with interest when they scamper by.  We see Deer very often as we walk, and she is always calm and doesn’t bark at them, giving me a chance to enjoy being in their presence.  The cooler air has definitely energized Cookie, putting a spring in her step and livening up our early morning outings.  Warm & Fuzzies, Diana