Happy Birthday Cookie!

Last March, we brought Cookie home with us from the breeder where she was born.  She was just eight weeks old.  That night, after a 3-hour plus drive home with our new “baby,” our dear friend Andy came over and took a picture of us all together to commemorate her first night with us at home.  Can you believe how little she was?  This is the puppy we fell in love with.


My, what a difference a year makes!  The puppy we fell in love with has grown into the dog we all adore.  We asked Andy to come take our picture again.  This is us, today!


We had to celebrate this important milestone, so we had a little party, and Sophia gave her a special treat: a delicious Pawsitively Gourmet chicken liver dog cupcake-shaped cookie – it was beautiful and Cookie LOVED it.  In addition to the treat, Atticus gave Cookie a “birthday present” of a new teddy bear wubba.  Cookie loves those things!  Here she is enjoying both the cookie and the wubba.


Cookie, every day with you is a party, and we love you!  Happy Birthday, “baby-doggy”!


(Side note: I was pleased with the Pawsitively Gourmet cookie purchase and would totally splurge and buy these again – it was really cute to see Cookie lick it all over for a few minutes before gobbling it up – she really knew it was a special treat.  Visit http://www.PawsitivelyGourmet.com to find them for sale near you.  In case you’re curious about the recipe for a good dog cookie, the ingredients in this chicken liver flavored cookie were whole wheat flour, chicken livers, yogurt coating, carob coating, vegetable oil, corn syrup, eggs, and cornmeal. They also offer Peanut Butter and Wheat-free Sweet Potato cookies, too.)

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4 Comments on “Happy Birthday Cookie!”

  1. Knowth1353@aol.com Says:

    Beautiful pictures – what a wonderful dog and what a great family. Love, Mom

  2. Dylan Says:

    Happy birthday Cookie
    Miss you

  3. sunshine Says:

    Happy Birthday Cookie!
    I loved seting how much your family loves you and what a super psrty!
    My real birthday is Sunday March 17tn St
    Patrick’s Day! So even though you are an older woman you were truly my first gf
    and will always have a special place in my life…
    So here’s wishing continued great puppy life fiull of fun and doggie friends and LOVE!

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