Sleet, Snow & the Secret for “Paw Protection Par Excellence”

Hello from Diana!  This is never my favorite month, but Cookie certainly has been enjoying her first January…

Want me to pull you first?

Want me to pull you first?

Here in Katonah not only has it been quite cold outside, but all of us humans in the family, including myself, have caught colds or been sick this month.  All of our pets have been comforting companions throughout.  Cookie is always one to come lie down nearby when we rest and periodically “check” on us as we do.  I have been woken several times from a deep sleep by her cold nose grazing my cheek.  If laughter is the best medicine, Cookie certainly generates a lot of that on a daily basis.  Plus she doesn’t shy away when you cough or sneeze.

Whether we are sick or not, and no matter how cold it is outside, Cookie still needs her walks, and substantial ones at that. This is when as a dog owner you will yourself to leave your warm house and remind yourself of the commitment you made to your dog when you adopted them (on a much warmer day that seems so long ago.)  And so I bundle up, sometimes wearing two sets of gloves, and head out.  If the temperature is below 20 degrees, I will put Cookie’s puffer-coat on.  But I have learned this is really more for me – she is absolutely fine without it.  The snow and cold don’t phase or tire her out at all.  Being wet from cold winter rain is another story.  So the coat also goes on in that instance, too. 

Given the choice, Cookie always prefers to walk on the snow or on some land as opposed to a sidewalk or  street.  But that’s not always possible, and these days, there’s a lot of rock salt and other snow-metlers on the ground everywhere, and these can hurt the pads of a dog’s feet.  So we were happy when our friend Ray (The Papa of Cookie’s B.F.F. Maggie) told us about this wonderful stuff…


It’s a non-greasy, pleasant smelling salve you can apply to to the pads of your dog’s paws.  It creates a barrier for all the corrosive things on the ground out there that could hurt your dog’s feet.  And somehow, it doesn’t get all over your house and everything in it.  And, it c Cookie’s feet to boot.  Plus if you have horses you can use this for them too (sadly we don’t but someday!) In my area you can find it at Wipe Your Paws in Mount Kisco (the official Doggie Daycare of Cookie of Katonah.) 

When I watch Cookie eat snow, deliberately choose to walk on ice and then skid, and lie and roll around in the cold snow, just it reminds me of something a kid would do.   And just like with my own kids, after I’ve been outside for awhile, I get really cold, and then I need to cajole Cookie to come inside.  At first there is a disappointed whimper from her, but ultimately there is acceptance.  Later, as I sit at my desk working and Cookie lays at my feet, the cold has disappeared, and I feel very warm inside.  Stay warm & well, Diana 

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