Cookie Meets a Pet Psychic

You don’t need to be psychic to know that your pets are sensitive beings with thoughts and feelings all of their own.  But have you ever wondered just what exactly those thoughts and feelings were?  

Cookie with Sharon Warner, Pet Psychic

We had an opportunity to find out  while recently attending the Animal Awareness Day Fair in the town of Branford, CT (which by the way is a great New England town – and a really nice place to visit – and definitely dog-friendly.)   It was a lovely event celebrating the pets in our lives, and there were many folks there milling about with their dogs.   Amidst the vendors and participants offering pet goods, information about adoptions and animal rights, and treats for pets and their humans, we met Sharon Warner, an “Animal Communicator and People Psychic.” Our entire family, along with Cookie, had a very enlightening talk with Sharon, during which it should be noted Cookie was unusually calm, and did not bark or pull away from us once, despite the many distractions around her from the fair.  We were happy to hear through Sharon that Cookie is very happy in her life with us, and not surprised to hear that she wants more opportunities to RUN. She enjoys her meals and particularly loves visiting the upstairs of the house and our different bedrooms (which, due to her household manners still lacking, and her habit of stealing things from our rooms, is a treat for her.) We asked her through Sharon why she is always making off with various household items (food, pens, decorations, paper towels, etc.) and the answer was that there are just too many opportunities for mischief for her to resist all of them.  Too true!   Sharon told us that Cookie is very sad when we leave the house and it is quiet and she is by herself.  And we have been noticing lately that separations from us have been harder for Cookie and do cause her distress.  After discussing Cookie with Sharon, we enjoyed getting feedback from her about our other beloved pets, those currently with us and those who have departed this life.  I particularly enjoyed hearing that our late beloved cat Molly, who moved several times with us during her life, has also moved with us to Katonah, and still loves to sleep on my pillow.   All in all, meeting Sharon was certainly a Big Adventure for Cookie and our family.  And I am now an even greater admirer of the wonders of our sweet Cookie’s soul and spirit.  If you want to learn more about Sharon, visit her website:

I must also mention how pleased we were to meet Stella and Sterling during the Fair – an Aussie and Mini-Aussie duo – who were just the cutest.  Sterling had a “marble-eye” – something I’d never seen – that was a swirl of brown and blue iris – very cool!  Warm & Fuzzies, Diana

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