Cookie’s Book Club: “Henry the Dog with No Tail”

Cookie here!  My family loves this wonderful book:

This is a charming tale about one dog’s search for a tail.  Henry, the paw-tagonist, is an Australian Shepherd dog like me.  I can really relate to Henry, because like most Aussies, I also do not have a tail.  The author, Kate Feiffer, has created a story that dog lovers of all ages can love, full of fun twists and a cast of canine characters.  Ms. Feiffer’s father, the noted artist and author Jules Feiffer, is the book’s illustrator.  His marvelous drawings completely capture the spirit, softness and soul of an Australian Shepherd dog.  Looking at these pictures will fill you with the same warm and fuzzy feelings you get from gazing at a real dog.  But don’t take my word for it – check out “Henry the Dog with No Tail” yourself – and enjoy!
P.S.  – I may not have a tail, I still have a great way of expressing my happiness.  I just wiggle my hips really fast, like a salsa dancer!  Gets the people every time.  Special thanks to Kate Feiffer for her support of my blog!
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