While I am the NEWEST pet, I am not the ONLY pet in my family…

Me and my “sister” Swallablu

In fact, I have three “sister” pets – all girls – and all either white or silver-ish, with spots of different colors.  Both of these facts are just coincidence, my Daddy and Mommy say.  My “oldest” sister is Soldie – she’s a goldfish who is silver with a red cap on her head – she lives upstairs in Atticus’ room and I don’t get to see her much, since I can only go upstairs with close supervision.  

Soldie is actually much smaller in person!

Then there is S’More Cat.  She’s a real glamor-puss as you can see:

Although I try to be good around S’More I really love to chase her…and I can’t always control myself.  Our relationship can only improve as I get older.  And last, but not least, is my bird “sister,” Swallablu, who is Atticus’ special pet.  She’s an Albino Cockatiel.

Swallablu and I get along great, because she loves a lot of noise and a lot of chaos, which I am happy to provide.  Sometimes when I bark she “barks” right back at me, and she does a perfect impression of my squeeky-toys.

So far, there are no pictures of me and my three sisters all together, but we are working on that!  Ruffs, Cookie

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