Sorry I ate your pizza, Atticus…

Dear Atticus, 

Sometimes I am very naughty with you and your things.  Thank you for loving me anyway.


The other night, while you were having dinner, I lept up and stole half your pizza, right from your plate.  This was naughty, and I am sorry.  It smelled so good and I couldn’t help myself.  Thank you for loving me anyway.

I am sorry also for all of your clothes I have ripped from my playfully-intended nips.  Thank you for loving me anyway.

Then there was your lime green eyeglass case that I chewed, and your Thanksgiving Turkey decoration you made in art class and really loved.  The things that you touch smell so good I just want to eat them. Thank you for loving me anyway.  

Sometimes my feelings of love for you make me want to jump up and lick your face..and then my scratchy-claws give you a scratch instead, by mistake.  Ouch.  I know that hurts.  Thank you for loving me anyway.

Because I am a dog designed to herd cattle and take their kicks and blows, my skull is VERY hard.  So when I go to lick you and accidentally give you a big KLONK on the head with my head, I know it hurts.  Thank you for loving me anyway.

Your pencils and pens are very delicious.  Please remember to put them away, lest I forget myself.  Ditto for your recorder.

You are my boy and I love you very much.  I’m sorry I’m such a beast sometimes.  Thank you for loving me anyway.


Your contrite canine, Cookie

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