Aussie Screen Gems

In the 1950’s through the 1970’s, Jay Sisler’s Aussies performed amazing feats and

were stars of  both the big and little screens. Today, we can see them on YouTube!

Cookie & Bear-Bear are ready to watch “Stubs”!

Jay Sisler was a rodeo star, animal trainer, and owner of two Aussie celebrity dogs, Stub and Shorty, as well as the popular Queen, and several others.  His popular dogs starred in The Disney movie  “Stub: The Best Cowdog in the West” (1973) and appeared in “Cow Dog” (1956) and Run, Appaloosa, Run (1967). 

If you visit YouTube and search for “Jay Sisler” several reels of vintage Aussie home movies will list, including “Jay Sisler Home Movies Part 1 & Part 2” and “Jay Sisler and his Aussies.”  Take five minutes to take a look – they are priceless!  You will be amazed as you watch these performing pooches jump rope (one turns the handle too!), walk upright, twirl, dance, stand on their heads, walk on their front legs, balance and stand on a bar, leapfrog over one another, ride a see-saw, jump through hoops, and of course, herd a myriad of animals.

Cookie has put “Stub” in our family’s Netflix cue, and looks forward to watching and giving you her review!

Warm & Fuzzy’s, Diana

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