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Marching into Spring

February 22, 2013

Cookie here!  Here in Katonah we’re gearing up for yet another wet weekend.  Sophia and I are all ready…


Teen Vogue and Dog Fancy, here we come!  As we finish up February and march into March, I was happy to make a discovery the other morning in our garden.  It was a sure sign that Spring is really coming…


Little Crocus flowers!  Popping up all over the place.  This, combined with the word from the Groundhogs, and the fact that the Sun now rises before my early morning hikes, not during them as before, is proof-positive to this puppy that winter is on the way out.  Snow and ice, it’s been fun playing with you, and l’ll miss you.  But I’m sure looking forward to sniffing some Spring flowers!   Woofs, Cookie