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It’s good to have you back S’More!

June 5, 2013

Cookie here!  If you haven’t heard the good news, S’More Cat is back!


I’m so happy I had to give her a kiss.  We will never know exactly what happened during the 10 days she was gone because she won’t tell us.  She was found in a nearby neighbor’s garage, missing her collar, tags and bell.  She was dirty and two pounds lighter, but otherwise fine.  Since she came home our People have been giving her special treatment, like cans of Fancy Feast (her favorite) every day.  My advice to you if your cat ever goes missing: have lots of hope, and search every nearby home/area thoroughly.  While S’More was missing we heard so many stories about cats that took of on impromptu journeys for days, weeks and sometimes months, and also lots of stories of cats getting trapped in garages.  At our house, we’re chalking it up to a case of Spring Fever.

Thanks to all of you for your concern!   Woofs, Cookie