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Doggy in the Window

May 2, 2013

Big news in Cookie-land: she’s calmed down enough in the house so that when we go out, we can actually leave her un-crated for a couple hours without coming home to unpleasant consequences!  This is a true puppy-milestone!


It’s taken a lot of love, patience and training to get here, so I’m enjoying this new development a lot.  Never mind that Cookie was standing on our kitchen table when I took this picture as we were leaving to run errands.  Like Rome, Cookie was not built in a day!  

When we return home to Cookie, the greeting we all get is tremendous:  happy whimpers, wiggle-hips, jumps of joy, kisses, and leaping around us in circles of joy.  At times the enthusiasm and love Cookie generates when we return to her are beyond description.  And it never gets old, either to Cookie, or to us.  That’s why this doggy in the window is definitely NOT for sale!

Warm and Fuzzies, Diana