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Splish Splash!

January 16, 2013

As an Aussie, I have an awesome, low-maintenance fur coat that always looks great.  But even I still need an occasional bath!


These winter days, with the snow, salt, sand, silt and mud, my baths have ben more frequent.  When I go outside to walk and play, all these elements from outside get kicked up into my coat.  Towelling off and brushing help, but after about two weeks, it’s time for the tub.  My Daddy Brian fills the tub about a third of the way full with warm water and adds some suds…I like Earthbath Totally Natural Puppy Shampoo.  It is tearless and extra gentle, and has a nice cherry-almond scent that is not overpowering to me or my humans.  Then Daddy puts me in the tub and the washing begins!  For this bath, Sophia was also a helper.


My coat is thick and pretty water-resistant so it takes them awhile just to get me wet.  I look so much smaller when I take a bath.  I like my spiky mohawk-look here.   After a good sudsing, Brian drains the tub, fills it with fresh warm water, and rinses me off.  It is hard to be patient but I do my best.


After rinsing I get out of the tub and, you guessed it, give some great big long body shakes to help get some of that wet off.  After that, my people lovingly dry me off and tell me how nice and clean and beautiful I am.  It usually takes 4 large beach towels to get the job done.  It is all so exhausting as you can see.  But also so worth it because…



…after my bath, my family just wants to cuddle up and love me, and nothing makes me happier than that!   Woofs, Cookie