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Cookie Meets a Baby

July 13, 2013

Cookie here!  This is a baby.  Have you ever seen one before?  They’re adorable!


This baby and her Mommy came to my house to play with me the other day.  I never knew people could be so tiny!  Everyone made a big fuss and told me to be “gentle” and “good,” which they always tell me anyway.  Babies come with toys that look a lot like dog toys, and snacks that look like dog treats, none of which I was allowed to have.  All during her visit she kept crawling over to me, which made me feel good.  She could tell how much I like people, especially very little ones.  Even though I couldn’t understand a word the baby said, and she pulled on my jowls and my fur,



I couldn’t help but love her…she’s so sweet!  And the best part of the day was when she looked at me and said “Doggy!”  I don’t know…babies just might be cuter than puppies!    Woofs, Cookie