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On the road again!

September 28, 2012

After a bumpy start, Cookie now loves riding in the car with us.

When she was a very little puppy, we had a pet carrier for the car we would place her in.  She would cry and cry and usually ended up getting sick in the car.  After a couple tries we figured out not being able to see us made her very anxious.  So, for a while we held her on our laps in the back seat, and when she got too big for that, I bought a foot-long leather mini-leash for the car.  First I run the seat belt through the leash opening and click the seat belt into the car’s receiver.  Then this leash gets attached to Cookie’s collar.  She is securely attached to the seat belt, but she can lie down, sit up, stretch out, etc. and have the room to do so.  It used to be she would just zonk out and nap or chew her bone, but now she enjoys sitting upright and staring out the window at the world.  It’s a classic case of the great companionship dogs provide us.  Well, Cookie and I have another errand to run together, so, Happy Trails!  Warm & Fuzzies, Diana

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