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You’re Innocent When You Dream

March 20, 2013

Last night Sophia did an amazing job on pet-paparazzi duty and captured this sweet scene!  Let me share the entire bedtime story she photographed.  


It all began with S’More Cat helping herself to Cookie’s bed:



Cookie very generously was making do on the floor…


But then she had an idea….


…what if she and S’More SHARED the bed?


S’More wasn’t so sure that this would work…


…but Cookie promised to behave.


And a good night’s sleep was had by all.  Nitey-nite, sweet pets!


Guest Blogger S’More Cat: Bad to the bone!

January 10, 2013

..Meow!  S’More Cat here.  

No, I don’t have my own blog yet.  But I do have a hidden camera in the kitchen.  And I caught this beast looking for a feast…


Everyone loves Cookie, but we don’t love her behavior in the house.  Quite simply, Cookie is a thief.  She jumps up and leans on the kitchen counters and tables, looking for food to snatch.  One day, she somehow opened up a paper bag filled with bagels and ran off with one, without pulling the bag off the counter. She’ll do this  sort of thing even when our family is RIGHT THERE in the kitchen with her.  Every pet knows you don’t do that, right?!  But not Cookie.  So, these days she is getting a lot of corrections and a lot of puppy time-outs on her mat by the kitchen door.  She also wears a leash and correction collar 24-7, so that she can’t scoot away after she’s been naughty.  Otherwise, it all becomes a big game to her.  She loves to run circles around the dining room table, because it’s almost impossible to catch her there.  When you do catch Cookie in the act of being naughty, and correct her, you usually get a look from her like this…



…as if to say, “What?  Did I do wrong?”  My people-parents say she is very stubborn and wants what she wants but she will have to learn.  To help them they have hired an obedience trainer to work with Cookie on “her issues” which these days include not coming reliably when called, barking her head off when the doorbell rings, getting up on the couch (strictly forbidden for her, but OK for me, ha!),roaming around the kitchen and snatching whatever food she can, and most disturbingly, CHASING ME!  Progress is being made, but it is slow.  Her trainer is great and says that Cookie is a very sweet, and strong-willed dog, but at just a year, Cookie is still very young yet.  We all do notice that she is well trained now to go to one of her mats or by the people’s feet and chill out in the house.  But she still chases me every chance she gets.  Hiss.

The good news is, my stock in this family keeps on going up.  They are constantly telling me how great I am and how I never destroy anything or give them a moment’s trouble….


…not to mention how gorgeous I am.  Who am I to disagree?  Peace, love & tuna fish, S’More Cat


Giving thanks for our pets and all that they give us

November 20, 2012

We open today’s post with this snapshot of a rare moment of canine & feline harmony:

Twenty minutes prior to this moment they had been fighting like, well, cats and dogs.  But at the end of the day, Cookie and S’More are fellow pet comrades-in-paws in our home.   They, along with our bird and our fish, contribute enormously not just to the culture of our home life, but also our family’s admiration, empathy, and respect for all animal life on planet Earth.  Living with these four beautiful animals has given us the chance to laugh at their antics, such as when Cookie licks S’More with affection and gusto, and S’More, completely disgusted, takes off.  We’ve marveled at their intelligence and ability, like when Swallablu bird calls for Cookie by name, greets you with a “Hello!” upon first sight in the morning, and sings the most beautiful, melodic songs, like the little Diva she truly is.  We’ve observed their definite likes and dislikes, such as Chip the Fish’s penchant to hide behind plants during the day, and Cookie’s sheer bliss when she gets a tummy-rub or is treated to some peanut butter.  All these small moments not only entertain us, they enrich us.  We know without a doubt that our pets each have unique personalities and souls.  They have likes and dislikes and experience both happiness and sorrow.  When the bird sits on my shoulder as I wash the dishes, when the cat jumps up on the desk and curls up next to me as I work, when the fish observes me from inside the fish tank reading to my children at night, and Cookie lays at my feet as I sit reading the morning paper, the word COMPANION comes to mind.   Finned, furry and feathered, our pets are true friends, unfailingly loving and loyal to us in good times and in bad.   They neither judge nor hold a grudge.  They just LOVE.  And for that simple truth, I give thanks for my beloved pets.


Guest Blogger S’More Cat

October 23, 2012

S’More Cat here – you remember me, the ORIGINAL pet around here, before my people went crazy with the fish and the bird and worst of all, puppy.  Yes, sigh, it’s true, Cookie is my sister.  LITTLE sister that is.

In the good old days, it was all about ME, and not “Cookie, Cookie, Cookie” ALL THE TIME!   When Cookie misbehaves (which is all the time) by chasing me, pawing me, barking at me, and worst of all, eating my food (!!!) they pet me and tell me to be patient with Cookie.  And I try.  But then she does something awful again, like sticking her wet nose in my face during a good nap, and I just can’t take it!  So then, I head through my super-cool cat door into the basement, into my favorite part of the house, because there’s NO DOGS ALLOWED.  Of course, Cookie tries to follow me…

But she can’t anymore…she’s grown.  And then I finally have some peace.  

There’s only one time of day Cookie is sort of okay to hang around…bedtime.  When she’s sleepy she doesn’t act like such a crazed wolf. And even I have to admit, she’s cute when she’s asleep. 

So am I for that matter.  Well, this blogging stuff is fun, but there’s mice to catch, so gotta run!  Away from Cookie, that is.   Purrs, S’More Cat