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P.B. & Me

September 26, 2012

An almost-empty jar of peanut butter makes a great toy and treat for me!

When my family has scraped out all that they can from the peanut butter jar, and there’s just not enough for one more sandwich, they do something wonderful – they remove the label and lid and give me the jar.  This happens outside in the yard, so my paws don’t spread the peanut butter in the house.  First I blissfully extract as much peanut butter from the jar as I possibly can.  And then I have fun carrying, nosing and batting around the jar until it ends up in the recycling bin.  

I love all kinds of dog treats, but peanut butter may be my favorite.   Your dog probably is a nut for peanut butter too, so, the next time you’re at the end of a jar, (and provided it’s a plastic one) offer it to your dog!  They’ll be glad you did.   And remember, watch over their fun and remove the jar when it shows signs of chewing and wear.

With Woofs, Cookie