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Guest Blogger Swallablu

November 29, 2012

Swallablu here!  Chiiiiiirrrrp!  In case you don’t remember me, here’s a picture…


Here I am, with Cookie’s food.  I always see my people feeding her these meat-patty things, and I was curious.  They smelled kind of yucky, and I think I’ll stick to birdseed. I’m very interested in people-food, much better than dog food, and have tried some myself.  I like green beans, broccoli, and bread crumbs.  But my favorite food is called millet.  Many birds like myself enjoy it.  See how yummy it is…


Do you know what’s funny?  Even though millet is bird food, Cookie is always trying to steal mine.  I have this bad habit of dropping it on the floor.  And then she picks it up and scampers away with it.

I love to sing, and I am currently learning “Jingle Bells” right now for the holidays. Once I master that, my people will put a music video of me up.  Until then, don’t forget to fill your bird feeders with lots of seed for all the wild birds out there.  It is the season of giving you know!



(This post was created with help from fellow Guest-bloggers Atticus & Katherine)