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Cookie’s Book Club

September 15, 2012

Cookie here!  In my family, we all love a good book…

My people love to read them and I love to chew them!    Even though I can’t read, I’d like to tell you about some great books featuring dogs that my family is currently enjoying reading.  

Be sure to check out this Sunday, 9/16/12 The New York Times’ Sunday Book Review, Children’s Section for some great reviews of just-published middle grade novels for teens & tweens (“Rescue Dogs” selections reviewed by John Grogan) and picture books for children (“Bookshelf: Woof selections reviewed by Pamela Paul) all featuring dogs central to their stories.  Here’s the link to these reviews to copy into your browser:

“Rescue Dogs”

“Bookshelf: Woof”

My Mama Diana is currently reading the Canine Classic “Man Meets Dog” first published in 1954 by Konrad Z. Lorenz – described on the cover as “A loving study of the canine personality, with a digression on the feline, by a world authority of animal behavior.”  This book was a gift to my family upon my arrival by Mama’s longtime and dear friend Catharine, for which we thank her.  At the time of publication Dr. Lorenz was, per the book jacket, the “world authority” on the study of animal behavior.  In the book Dr. Lorenz tells the story of how dogs came to live with men; about living and training his own dogs; and not to be neglected, cats and cat behavior.  It is full of very charming illustrations by both Miss Annie Eisenmenger and the Author.  Lorenz also wrote “King Solomon’s Ring” – another book about dogs and cats. 

Mama is finding “Man Meets Dog” thoroughly charming – and hopes other dog (and cat) lovers like you will rediscover the book too.

Warm & Fuzzies, Cookie


Howl-o-ween’s coming!

September 13, 2012

Cookie tried on her Halloween costume the other day…

..and we think it fits her great!  PetSmart has something fun happening now called the Monster Cute Photo Contest where you can submit a picture of your pet in their Halloween costume…visitors to the site vote for their favorite pets  & costumes, and several prizes are awarded around Halloween.  The Grand Prize is $10,000 – that’s a lot of bones!!!  If you like this picture of our  Little Angel, Cookie and I would be grateful if you took a moment to vote for her on the site.  You can visit PetSmart’s Monster Cute page on Facebook, or, here is the link to Cookie’s entry for your browser:

You can also search by pet name (Cookie), Category (Cutest), and entry title (Angel Eyes).

Take a moment to enter YOUR pet in this fun contest too!   If you have a PetSmart in your area, they will also be holding Halloween pet parades at their stores.  Thanks for your support, and Warm & Fuzzies, Diana

I’m not a bad dog…

September 8, 2012

….I just look like one!

Cookie wearing her Gentle Leader harness at the park.

Cookie here!  When I go for walks, such as in the photo above, I wear my Gentle Leader headcollar.  When I meet new people out in the world they sometimes think I am wearing a muzzle, and ask if I bite.  This makes my People laugh, because they know that while I might lick you, I’d never bite you…because I’m a lover, not a fighter!  So, because a lot of you don’t know about these kinds of headcollars, please let me explain how they work.  When we puppies are doing our walking-training, some of us are real pullers, due to our breed characteristics, temperament, size, etc.  Pulling on the leash isn’t good for us and it isn’t good for our People – we choke ourselves against our collars, and drag our owners behind us, potentially causing a fall, a trip to the chiropractor, or worst of all, them losing their grip on our leash and our running off.  I myself am a major puller when my leash is attached to my regular neck collar.  I get very excited about being out and very opinionated about just where we should go. And because I’m a big strong girl now, I can really drag along just about anyone on the other end of the leash.  But that makes for a very frustrating walk for both me and my People.  We learned about the Gentle Leader both from my Trainer, Sarah Hodgson, and also friends here in Katonah who used them to walk their dogs.  It took some getting used to, both for my People to learn to put it on me properly, and for me to get used to wearing it.  But now, it is very easy to put my headcollar on, and very easy for the whole family to walk me without me feeling the urge to pull and surge ahead.  When I do, the headcollar puts pressure on my head, and this discourages me from pulling further.  It also has a calming effect overall on me.  Wearing a headcollar has helped me grow into being a very good walker….which means I get to go on more walks, yeah!  Mom & Dad want you to know they have not been paid by the folks who make the Gentle Leader…we just wanted you to know about it since it’s been so helpful to us.  And that I’m no “Cujo!”  Warm & Fuzzies, Cookie