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Sweet Dreams

June 12, 2013

Cookie Here!  Diana came home from a shopping trip with a present for me…a nice new bed.  I had worn out my old one with all my tossing and turning.


As soon as she put it down on the floor for me, I snuggled right in.  It’s very fancy: made of something people call “ultra-suede” and “memory foam.”  I like the raised sides because I can rest my head on them like a pillow.  It’s manufactured by the American Kennel Club.  Best of all they are sold, among other places, at Christmas Tree Shops – one of Diana’s favorite places to find a bargain – where they are very well priced.  So that means more bones for me!


But first….yawn…it’s time for a nap.  Woofs, Cookie


It’s good to have you back S’More!

June 5, 2013

Cookie here!  If you haven’t heard the good news, S’More Cat is back!


I’m so happy I had to give her a kiss.  We will never know exactly what happened during the 10 days she was gone because she won’t tell us.  She was found in a nearby neighbor’s garage, missing her collar, tags and bell.  She was dirty and two pounds lighter, but otherwise fine.  Since she came home our People have been giving her special treatment, like cans of Fancy Feast (her favorite) every day.  My advice to you if your cat ever goes missing: have lots of hope, and search every nearby home/area thoroughly.  While S’More was missing we heard so many stories about cats that took of on impromptu journeys for days, weeks and sometimes months, and also lots of stories of cats getting trapped in garages.  At our house, we’re chalking it up to a case of Spring Fever.

Thanks to all of you for your concern!   Woofs, Cookie 


My Peace Spot

April 23, 2013

Whenever I am all wound up…and need some calming down…which is at least daily,

my family soothes me by laying a gentle palm upon the place on my head where my snout meets my skull – A.K.A. my “peace spot.”

peace spot

And when their hand is resting on that special spot, with the warmth of their hand soothing my busy brain, I close my eyes…(yawn)…and all is well and…


Woofs, Cookie

My New (old) Lupine Pet Leash

April 10, 2013

Cookie here, with a “Dog Dollars” post.  This is my favorite leash – the Woofstock pattern from Lupine Pet…


It’s full of peace and love and rainbows (kind of like me.)  If you also have to wear a leash when you go out, I suggest you pick a Lupine Pet one, for the following reasons:  First, they’re well made here in the USA in the great state of New Hampshire.  They’re light-weight for your Human’s convenience and comfort, and designed with colorful, bright  solids and fun patterns (I also wear Plum Blossom).  Best of all, they offer an excellent guarantee: if damaged – even if chewed – Lupine Pet will replace your leash (or other dog product you’ve purchased.)  This is my third Woofstock leash.  Woofstock #1 lasted awhile, but I chewed through it eventually, and my Humans, unaware of the guarantee, liked the first leash well enough to replace it with Woofstock #2.  When I chewed through Woofstock #2, dog-mama Diana noticed the guarantee and returned the leash to Lupine Pet.  Within a week, Woofstock #3 came in the mail – and we were all very pleased.   

Lupine Pet sponsors and donates to great causes such as Jen’s Friends Cancer Donation, Carolina DockDogs, the Maine Coast Runners Flyball Team, and the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire.  AND they’re also having a cool contest!  The Lupine Pet Spring Cleaning Contest, where one lucky pup will win a prize package of dog products worth over $400.  Visit to enter the contest and view their products.

Good luck and happy shopping!  Woofs, Cookie

‘Leggo my stick!

April 2, 2013

Cookie here!  Spring is finally here, and it’s time for some nice long walks.  This is my friend Layla.  She found this stick when we went walking.  

Of course, I instantly wanted it too.


Sharing is hard sometimes.  Layla suggested I find my own stick.



I held my ground…


…and we worked it out, as friends always do.



Special thanks to our excellent friend Tiff Gravel for documenting this fateful walk!  Woofs, Cookie

The Best Dog Show on Earth is happening now…Crufts!

March 6, 2013

Cookie here!  Just a year ago, my family discovered the awesome breed, Australian Shepherd, while visiting the Westminster Dog Show in New York.  The rest is history, and now here we are, Dear Reader.  Clearly Dog Shows are important and enjoyable events that can change lives, both Canine and Human.  Today’s post is about one of the biggest and best Dog Shows on Planet Earth.  It’s called Crufts and takes place each year in England and is attended by well over 100,000 humans (not to mention the dogs themselves.)  The show is being held this year between the dates of March 7-10 in Birmingham, England.  Here’s a historic photo from the 1968 Crufts of People with their Bedlingham Terriers….very nice dogs in this pup’s opinion.  


Crufts is named after its founder, Charles Cruft. In 1876 a young Mr. Cruft left college and began working with James Spratt who had set up a new venture in Holborn, London selling ‘dog cakes’.  Soon Mr. Cruft was a travelling salesman for the business, bringing him into contact with large estates and sporting kennels. His travels for the business eventually took him to Paris, France, where he was invited to organize the promotion of the canine section of the Paris Exhibition.  Later back in England, in 1891 that the first Cruft’s show was booked into the Royal Agricultural Hall in Islington.  Except for a few wartime years, it has been held every year since, and continues to grow.

Today Crufts’ mission included promoting dog health, and encouraging the breeding of healthy dogs in turn.  The event also celebrates the unique relationship dogs have with their owners.  Crufts also presents a great opportunity to meet and talk to British Kennel Club Assured Breeders, as well as rescue charities and breed experts about how to obtain, care, and live with a dog responsibly.  The Show also features fantastic shopping and is a great place to get a present for your dog (hint, hint Mommy…)

Hero dogs, police dogs, and rescue dogs are celebrated at this event, and a Humanitarian Action of the Year award is given through the Friends for Life competition.   In 2009, the British public voted Brock, a search and rescue Australian Shepherd dog from Bracknell, Berkshire, Englad, and the Crufts Friends for Life champion, and therefore, Britain’s hero dog.  Through his years of service, Brock has changed or saved countless live through air scenting and trailing work that can detect where a missing person was last located.  What an Awesome Aussie!

You can watch the show on YouTube as well as follow the show on Facebook and Twitter.  History buffs can view catalogues and schedules from the Show that date back to 1886 online at the show’s website.  There is also a Crufts magazine which you can subscribe to.  Highlights include Flyball, the International Agility Competition (which yours truly will be watching, because there HAS to be some Aussies in it!) and Mary Ray’s Heelwork to Music performances are supposed to be excellent, too.

So make yourself  a nice cup of tea, and visit the Cruft Show website,  

And long live the Kings and Queens of Canines! 

Woofs, Cookie

Marching into Spring

February 22, 2013

Cookie here!  Here in Katonah we’re gearing up for yet another wet weekend.  Sophia and I are all ready…


Teen Vogue and Dog Fancy, here we come!  As we finish up February and march into March, I was happy to make a discovery the other morning in our garden.  It was a sure sign that Spring is really coming…


Little Crocus flowers!  Popping up all over the place.  This, combined with the word from the Groundhogs, and the fact that the Sun now rises before my early morning hikes, not during them as before, is proof-positive to this puppy that winter is on the way out.  Snow and ice, it’s been fun playing with you, and l’ll miss you.  But I’m sure looking forward to sniffing some Spring flowers!   Woofs, Cookie


Puppy Bowl !!!!!

February 5, 2013

Cookie here!  Sure, the Superbowl was ok…but the PUPPY BOWL?  Amazing!!!

Puppy Bowl

Puppy Bowl IX, produced by the good humans at the Animal Planet TV channel, was so good that my family now asks themselves how it is that they had never heard of this amazing event before.  You can’t really blame them, they were extremely cat-oriented until I came along.  Paw-felt thanks, Dear Grandma Carol, for telling my humans about the Puppy Bowl, so they could put the television on for me and I could watch it (see above.)  If you don’t know what Cookie is talking here, do let me explain. Puppy Bowl happens once a year, on a very special day the people call “Super Bowl Sunday.”   A big team of lucky puppies from animal shelters and rescue organizations get to play a game where the goal is to be the pup that brings a toy into the end zone first…and have a lot of fun doing it.  Rounding out this romp were the cutest little hedgehog cheerleaders you’ve ever seen (my Sophia LOVED  them), a tweeting (as in twitter, people) cockatiel bird named Meep, a team of hamsters roving overhead the “stadium” in a blimp, and, most fabulous of all, the Bissel half time kitten show (a disco kitty inferno blazing with cuteness.)  There were lots of Animal Planet’s human stars too from popular shows such as “Pit Boss” and “My Cat from Hell.”  Other adorable touches included “the kiss cam”, the puppy-jacuzzi where the players could rest their tired “dogs”, and the cool camera they placed underneath the drinking bowl.

 This year’s most valuable player was Marta, a little puppy with a lot of moxie.  I personally was rooting for Althea, a cute little Aussie mix with dark features.  But the real winners of this event are all of the puppy players and cute half-time kittens.  All of them are seeking good homes, and they get to have the spotlight shine on them.  The best news of all from the Bowl was from Pedigree dog food.  They announced that as part of the Pedigree Feeding Project, they will be donating their food to animal shelters across America.  You can learn more about this wonderful project, and see profiles of some adorable pups seeking adoptions at:

What?!  You missed Puppy Bowl IX?  Or, you’d like to see MORE of Puppy Bowl IX?  I can fix that!  Visit:

Have fun!  And next year, I’ll be betting on the Aussie.  Woofs, Cookie

Blanket Drive for Animal Shelters this M.L.K. Day

January 18, 2013

Cookie here!  I am one lucky puppy…but there are plenty of pets in need in my area, and yours, too.

Cookie mlk day

Animal shelters everywhere always need used linens, towels and blankets to help keep their residents warm and well.  Here where I live, in Northern Westchester, the Putnam Humane Society is currently holding a blanket drive, seeking donated comforters and blankets.  Visit for more information.  Other shelters in Westchester currently seeking blankets include The Hudson Valley Humane Society in Ramapo, and the New Rochelle Humane Society,  

My family here in Katonah is currently collecting used blankets and comforters.  Local friends, if you have any you’d like to donate, please let us know or drop them off on our front porch.  On Monday, 1/21, Martin Luther King Day, we will be taking them to the Putnam Humane Society for all the animals there.

No matter where you may live, consider saving and donating your used blankets and linens to your local pet shelter or your vet – they are always needed!

Enjoy the holiday and thanks for supporting the Shelters!  Woofs, Cookie

Splish Splash!

January 16, 2013

As an Aussie, I have an awesome, low-maintenance fur coat that always looks great.  But even I still need an occasional bath!


These winter days, with the snow, salt, sand, silt and mud, my baths have ben more frequent.  When I go outside to walk and play, all these elements from outside get kicked up into my coat.  Towelling off and brushing help, but after about two weeks, it’s time for the tub.  My Daddy Brian fills the tub about a third of the way full with warm water and adds some suds…I like Earthbath Totally Natural Puppy Shampoo.  It is tearless and extra gentle, and has a nice cherry-almond scent that is not overpowering to me or my humans.  Then Daddy puts me in the tub and the washing begins!  For this bath, Sophia was also a helper.


My coat is thick and pretty water-resistant so it takes them awhile just to get me wet.  I look so much smaller when I take a bath.  I like my spiky mohawk-look here.   After a good sudsing, Brian drains the tub, fills it with fresh warm water, and rinses me off.  It is hard to be patient but I do my best.


After rinsing I get out of the tub and, you guessed it, give some great big long body shakes to help get some of that wet off.  After that, my people lovingly dry me off and tell me how nice and clean and beautiful I am.  It usually takes 4 large beach towels to get the job done.  It is all so exhausting as you can see.  But also so worth it because…



…after my bath, my family just wants to cuddle up and love me, and nothing makes me happier than that!   Woofs, Cookie