Plenty Warm for Winter Walks, But Protect Those Paw Pads!

Greetings Readers…I’m temped to rename this blog “Cookie of Klondike” based on the weather here this winter…and yes, it’s snowing again as I write this.  Walking our friend Cookie has been an increasingly bigger challenge lately…


The multiple, uneven layers of snow and ice on the streets of our hilly town have led to us humans walking more like penguins than people on our chilly walks.   Cookie requires a good, 45-minute walk in the early morning, and it takes being bundled up like an Eskimo plus a steaming cup of coffee to sip for me to get through these morning hikes.  But, with her double coat, and the research I’m just about to share with you, I no longer worry about her getting doggie frostbite.   

Our friend Carrol, Mama of Sunshine, Cookie’s Golden Retriever pal, shared some recent information with us that appeared in Time Magazine’s online hub.  In addition to having high amounts of freeze-resistant connective tissue and fat in the pads of their paws, dogs also have an amazingly intricate and effective network of veins and arteries that keep them warm in very cold temperatures.  An extra-fast and efficient circulatory system warms the blood of dogs rapidly, keeping their overall body temperature steady in extreme cold conditions.  Similar circulatory networks have been found in penguins’ extremities, arctic foxes and even dolphins’ fins.  Who knew?  Since reading this, I’ve left Cookie’s parka on the closet hook – no need!

But there remains another walking risk to our dogs in this extreme weather: caustic rock salt, burning the pads of our puppies feet, causing whimpers of pain.  So once again, I am spreading the word about what a great product Musher’s wax is…


Look for it online or at a speciality pet store near you…a waxy barrier that doesn’t have a strong odor, doesn’t get all over your floors, and creates a great barrier between your dog’s foot pads and all the rough stuff on the ground.  Cookie is a devotee!  

So enjoy those winter walks with your dog, but watch your step, both of you!  Warm & fuzzies, Diana  


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One Comment on “Plenty Warm for Winter Walks, But Protect Those Paw Pads!”

  1. SunShine Puppy Says:

    Hi there Cookie girlfriend!
    Looks like you are enjoying this fabulous snowy winter as much as me!
    Mom and I just came in from shoveling as we are experiencing another BLIZZARD here on Martha’s Vineyard !!!
    Oh JOY!!!!
    But Cookie would you please remind your mom that I am actually a Fox Red Labrador… Not a Golden Retriever at all! Believe it or not if you happened to see the Budweiser Super Bowl Ad Puppy Love those are my kin !
    My mom had a lab before me named Sirius and he is directly related to the puppy in the commercial… I am not even pulling your leg here!
    Soooo try to be kind to Diana when she walks you around the neighborhood.
    I hope to see you real soon!
    Love and snow ball catch fun
    Your pal

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