My Study Buddy

Cookie here!  

Now that it’s Fall, all of my family is really busy…especially the kids.  I miss our long and lazy summer days together.  Fortunately for me, the kids have something they need to do every day called “homework.”  When it’s homework time, they stop what they are doing and sit down for awhile, very quietly.  And that’s my golden opportunity…


…to get in some snuggles, ear scratches and pats!  I also find that when the kids complain that their homework is “too hard” or “really boring” that my friendly face is a great comfort to them…


encouraging them to do their best, and to finish up, so we can go play!   

Woofs, Cookie

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2 Comments on “My Study Buddy”

  1. Judy Stossel Says:

    Hi Cookie,
    So glad you are enjoying homework. You’ll have your humans back soon for Thanksgiving break. It’s the holiday when you can grab a turkey leg off the table. Please give your humans a great big woof for me.

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