Help for you and your pets from the Blogger Response Disaster Network

We hope that you and yours are okay post-Sandy!  After the storm was over, Cookie found a very big stick along our front yard.

So big it covered our entire front yard, plus driveway, and took down our phone and power lines. But nonetheless, Cookie “The Great Houndini” had a good Halloween, and we are busy cleaning up the mess.  Since we still don’t have power, we have had to improvise and be creative in caring for Cookie and our other pets.  Looking forward to sharing these experiences in future posts.  But for now, more importantly:

Our last post mentioned that Cookie and I have joined the Blogger Response Disaster Network.   Here is the information I received from Blogpaws and World Vets with some helpful links for those in need of assistance with their pets.  More information will be coming in the days ahead and we will continue to share this with you as it comes in to us.  For now, here is what we have to pass along to you:

With Hurricane Sandy and the pets who need help being such an immediate need we wanted to share a few articles and resources we gathered. Many of these links are updating as information changes so be sure to check back frequently:

Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets

Shelters accommodating pets:

shelters/rescues in need:

Red Paw Emergency Relief Team is on the scene in PA:

Baltimore shelters preparing for cleanup:

If you have personally been affected by this awful storm, we hope you are getting the relief that you need. Please consider reaching out for help also via these links above, or other centers in your community. Remember you are not alone in this! Stay warm and well, Diana & Cookie

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