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S’More Cat here – you remember me, the ORIGINAL pet around here, before my people went crazy with the fish and the bird and worst of all, puppy.  Yes, sigh, it’s true, Cookie is my sister.  LITTLE sister that is.

In the good old days, it was all about ME, and not “Cookie, Cookie, Cookie” ALL THE TIME!   When Cookie misbehaves (which is all the time) by chasing me, pawing me, barking at me, and worst of all, eating my food (!!!) they pet me and tell me to be patient with Cookie.  And I try.  But then she does something awful again, like sticking her wet nose in my face during a good nap, and I just can’t take it!  So then, I head through my super-cool cat door into the basement, into my favorite part of the house, because there’s NO DOGS ALLOWED.  Of course, Cookie tries to follow me…

But she can’t anymore…she’s grown.  And then I finally have some peace.  

There’s only one time of day Cookie is sort of okay to hang around…bedtime.  When she’s sleepy she doesn’t act like such a crazed wolf. And even I have to admit, she’s cute when she’s asleep. 

So am I for that matter.  Well, this blogging stuff is fun, but there’s mice to catch, so gotta run!  Away from Cookie, that is.   Purrs, S’More Cat


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One Comment on “Guest Blogger S’More Cat”

  1. Gina Kozimor Says:

    Sam and I love reading all these blogs!! Especially this one written by S’More Cat!!! Hope you are all safe after the storm….It was not bad at all for us.

    Gina and Sam

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