Play Sets Are For Pets Too

S’More cat and Cookie found themselves together at the top of the play tower the other day. Here’s the story:

S’More cat was taking a nap on the top balcony of the play tower – a spot that used to serve as a refuge from Cookie.  About six weeks ago though, Cookie figured out how to climb the platforms of the play gym to reach the top – much to S’More’s great dismay.  So on this fateful day, while S’More napped, Cookie climbed up, and settled in next to her.  

And then, because this was just too precious not to document, I rushed out with my iphone and started cooing and snapping these pictures.  Which woke up the cat.  Which broke the spell of “thou shalt not disturb the cat whilst she sleeps” that Cookie had been temporarily under.  Unfortunately we haven’t yet found the right spell to prevent Cookie from disturbing S’More during waking hours too (although they do have their moments of peace.)  Cookie began to paw her, so S’More skittered downstairs…

And then, “poof” – the magic was over, and they went back to living separate lives.  Until two days later when they decided to have a sleepover!

Thanks to my dear friend Leonora for capturing this sweet moment!  So in conclusion, the puppy/kitty report seems to be, Pets-in-Arms when they’re sleepy or sleeping, but not so much when they’re awake.  I’m a believer they’ll get there though.  Warm & fuzzys, Diana  


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