Cookie goes to Camp

Cookie has been having lots of fun in the sun!

For the past two weekends Brian and I have been driving the kids and Cookie up and back out of state for the commute-to-camp that so many of us make this time of year.  These were Cookie’s second and third long distance trips, and we were so proud of how well she did, both during the long car rides up and back, and how she has adapted to being in a new environments with us.  Aside from the one mis-step of mistaking our hosts’ (my wonderful Mother and Father in-Law) carpet as the great outdoors (often dogs will do this to mark their scent in an unfamiliar place) she has been a gracious guest. I was happy to learn about a local dog run, where Cookie has played her heart out with some new friends from the area. When dropping Sophia off at her sleepaway camp, it was interesting to watch Cookie track Sophia as she meandered through the crowd of campers, catching up with old friends. There were a few moments when she couldn’t see Sophia and became concerned, whinnying and looking around anxiously. At times like this, she really feels like a member of our family, and I appreciate the love she constantly gives us all so much.  During camp drop-offs Cookie enjoyed sniffing around the trails and the woods, chasing chipmunks and dragon flies, and meeting and greeting fellow camp families.  Back at home, Cookie has started occasionally attending her own sort of camp – doggy daycare!  There she can play and socialize with lots of other dogs, get regular walks, and have fun when I am busy for a long stretch. Cookie is definitely a happy camper when she arrives and when I pick her up, as am I!  Warm & Fuzzys, Diana

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