Angels With Dirty Faces

When you get an Aussie pup, expect some collateral damages to your possessions, prized or otherwise.

 Case in point, the above picture of Cookie.  Note the dirty nose from the recent burying of a bone (she digs first with her paws, then uses her snout to cover up the prized bone with dirt.  It is very reminiscent of those wild boars that search for truffles in France.) The first damages to expect are the dirty ones: the muddy feet that cover the floor; the mud that puppy shakes off onto you and your clean clothes; and the streaks of dirt left on the couch from when the puppy lunges onto it, exhausted from playing. It’s the price of love, so roll up your sleeves and clean it up.  We now have “dog towels” and a “dog hamper” close to our appropriately named mud room where Cookie enters and exits the house.  

After you’ve cleaned up the dirt, be prepared to sit down and sew, because Aussies, and all puppies really, are nippers.  And therefore, inadvertent clothing tear-ers.  We personally have a huge blue IKEA shopping bag full of torn cloths from all four of us that I am supposedly going to mend one day soon.  Or not.  I’m a little busy cleaning up all that mud.

Other things that have had collateral damage from the “Cookie Monster” in our house include the screen door in the picture above (screen totally pushed in by dog), the necks of bottles of wine on the wine rack that seemed to make good bone substitutes; many of the kids’ balls, the outdoor sprinkler in the yard, pots of flowers on the back deck that made great spots to hide a bone; tempting looking dolls and toys, and many rolls of toilet paper.  All three of our couches have sustained little “nicks” of some kind from Cookie.  Meanwhile, outside, the lawn in the back yard has certainly seen better days and is pocketed now by holes from Cookie’s digging. 

Let us also not forget that there can be a loss of people-food in the house when there is a dog about.  A peach pie, bowls of cereal, muffins, cheese, and glasses of milk have all fallen by the pup-side when we made the mistake of turning our back on a table laden with food.  Just today, Sophia lost a very nice hunk of crusty Italian bread when she made the mistake of lowering her hand from the table.  Cookie is not really a begger but she is definitely an opportunist.  And who can really blame her?

Despite it all, we forgive our little Aussie Angel with her Dirty Face.  Every day she is learning what it means to be a great dog.  And with a face like this, who can stay mad for long?  Warm & Fuzzys, Diana

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One Comment on “Angels With Dirty Faces”

  1. Liz Says:

    You sound like a patient teacher/trainer who really appreciates Cookies sweetness. Dogs are delights. Enjoy

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