Fun with Friends and Relatives

Cookie here…I want you to meet two very special dogs in my life. First, this is my B.L.F. (best Lab friend) Maggie!

Dogs on ice…very nice for us in the summertime

Maggie is my neighbor and the best dog friend a puppy could have.  She’s always happy to see me and to play.   From the moment I met her she took me under her wing, I mean paw, as you can see…

Maggie and me when I was just a baby

Like all Labrador Retrievers Maggie is patient, kind, friendly, and even tempered and seems to understand when we play that I’m just a puppy.  So she’s never too rough, just a lot of fun.  That’s why Labs like Maggie are such great family pets.  By playing with me so nicely, Maggie is also teaching me how to be a great dog like her when I grow up.  

Yesterday, I met a “cousin” of mine for the first time, Annie!  

My “cousin” Annie and I

Annie is a Labradoodle – a breed that is a mixture of a Poodle and Labrador Retriever (like Maggie!)   Annie is a large, active dog, and as her people say, as strong as a horse!  But like Maggie, she is very friendly and was lots of fun to play with…we really tired ourselves out!  I can’t wait to see “Cousin” Annie, and her two dog “sisters” Mabel and Suzie, again soon.  Woofs, Cookie

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3 Comments on “Fun with Friends and Relatives”

  1. Patty Hinkley Says:

    What a cute story of the two best friends. I remember Cookie when she was brand new and thought that she was just the most adorable puppy(since Maggie). I love to see how they play and when Maggie has had enough she just puts Cookie in her place, just like good friends should.

    We just love the pictures.
    Patty and Ray

  2. sophia Says:

    i love the fire house friends pic to cute!

    • Patty Hinkley Says:

      Maggie here,
      Thanks Cookie for the nice things you said about me. I think we will be good friends forever. We really do have fun and the fire house with all the other girls and boys. My fav thing to do is lay in the ice cubes. Ahh

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