Laparoscopic Spay

Yesterday was a long one for our Cookie-pup, as she underwent her Spay surgery. 

The three months since the above picture of Cookie at 8 weeks old was taken have flown by…and it was hard to believe it was time for Cookie, now 5 months old, to have this important procedure.  While I have no ambitions to become a dog breeder, it was nonetheless a bit sad for me to bring Cookie to the vet yesterday morning.  She is such a beautiful, healthy, strong puppy with the sweetest personality, and really smart to boot…so, knowing that there will never be any little-Cookies in the future felt genuinely like the world was losing something potentially beautiful.  But, for Cookie’s good health, our peace of mind, and our commitment to be responsible pet owners, there was no question that this was the right thing to do.  And so yesterday, Cookie underwent a Laparoscopic Spay.  Using a camera called a Laparoscope, her vet, Dr. Allison Glassman of Roosevelt Veterinary in Brewster, NY was able to perform the surgery with just two very small incisions instead of the traditional long one.  What did the less invasive surgery mean for Cookie?  I dropped her off at 8:30 AM, and picked her up at 3:00 PM and took her home for starters, instead of her needing an overnight stay.  Although she was groggy, she was not in pain, and able to walk up and down a few steps.  What was so sweet was that even in her post-anethesia fog, she was still very aware of us and trying to follow us around, ever our companion.  By early evening she was really perking up, and this morning, save her shaved tummy, was back to her old self: greeting us joyfully, gobbling food, chasing the cat (sigh) and running and playing.  Quite amazing.  Today I am so grateful for the wonderful job Dr. Glassman and everyone at Roosevelt did in caring for Cookie, and for Cookie’s good health, and that we our puppy is back home.  Now as long as Cookie remains healthy, no more vet visits for a year for us.   If you want to learn more about Laparoscopic spays and surgery for your pet, visit or talk to your vet.  Also, check with your vet about the appropriate age to spay or neuter your puppy, as the appropriate age can vary by breed. Warm & Fuzzys, Diana

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