A few of my favorite things, by Cookie

One of my favorite things to do is snuggle on my mat with my teddy bear, “Bear.”

I love my teddy bear!

If I can’t chew on bear, I love to chew on plastic bottles, my “wubba”, my tennis balls, my frisbees, my Kong’s full of peanut butter, a bully stick (which are nice and meaty-smelly, yum), any sort of rawhide bone, a Smart-bone if I’m lucky enough to be given one, and best of all, now that it’s summer and I’m hot, ice!  I have chewed on the couch before but that didn’t go over well with Mommy.  My favorite things to eat are venison patties or Stella & Chewy’s Dandy-Lamb patties…I would do anything for either one of those. The best toy in the world is a plastic gallon milk jug, tied onto a long piece of string, which my family pulls around the yard for me to chase.  That never gets old.  I also love to chase my “sister” the cat around the yard and up the play set..but my family doesn’t like that when I do it either, even though they laugh sometimes, confusing.  Another thing I love, GRASS!  A nice, cushy patch of grass to lie and lounge on.  And let me tell you, walking on grass beats walking on the sidewalk any day.  Most of all, I love my family and the people I meet in the world, who pet me and love me and tell me how cute I am.  What I don’t like:  rain and getting wet in any sort of way, taking a bath for those same reasons, when my toys get stuck behind the couch and I can’t get them out, being bored because my family is too busy to play, and being confined or separated from my people.  But what is perfect bliss for me?   To sit by you, chewing my bone, gazing at you while you pet me.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  Ruffs, Cookie  


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One Comment on “A few of my favorite things, by Cookie”

  1. sophia Says:

    yes and you love socks

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