Vet Visit!

When Cookie woke up this morning, she was coughing uncontrollably…

Cookie gets a checkup.

…and heaving, as if she had something she couldn’t get up, and lethargic, from all the action.  So, after dropping off the kids at school, off to see Dr. Glassman at Roosevelt Vet in nearby Brewster.  In the time between leaving the house and getting to the Doctor, she was coughing a lot less.  And after a check up, and X-rays…seems everything is just fine.  Possible explanations:  “Kennel-Cough” that she picked up from another dog in passing, or allergies, or just something caught in the back of her throat (!!!!) or, remote possibility of a reaction to the Bordatella vaccine she received earlier in the week – which is supposed to prevent Kennel-Cough.  All I have to say is, this phase of puppydom reminds me a lot of when I was a new parent with my first child, and I worried about “every little thing” – although this didn’t seem so little at the time.  And so, from this escapade we have learned that puppies cough a lot sometimes!  Now we are home and back on track with our day.  Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday weekend!  It’ll be Cookie’s first cook-out over here…mmmmmmm!  Warm & Fuzzy’s, Diana

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