Hello, I’m Cookie!

As you can see, I’m not just any puppy…I’m an Aussie!  An eighteen-week-old Australian Shepherd pup, to be exact.  True to my breed, I am very cute, but even cleverer.  Soft and spotted, I have “ghost eyes” – a real blue-merle girl.  I love to run and chase and jump and chew and dig – like all puppies.  But most of all, I love people, especially my family.  So much has happened in my life so far…and I’m only just beginning!  I am looking forward to sharing my Aus-some adventures and growing up with you!  Ruffs, Cookie 

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6 Comments on “Hello, I’m Cookie!”

  1. Sophia Says:

    I look forward to be in your adventures I love you!!!!!!!!

  2. Carol DeCubellis Says:


  3. nataliebarratt Says:

    So cute!

  4. nataliebarratt Says:


  5. Carolyn Muratore Says:

    So cute love the pics, I just came across your cards in my bag, I will give them to the dog lovers in my family Im sure they will enjoy.

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